A Thankful Heart…

thanksIt’s the day of Thanksgiving once again…and I’m racking my brain for all of the things that I am thankful for.
Some have criticized the practice of such a holiday given the historical nature of things… I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  Yes, it was horrible.  Yes, harsh times and harsher circumstances…but I can’t change that past.  But I can change the present and the future in the way that I live.  Of this I am truly thankful today.  In the midst of the insanely busy days behind me and ahead of me, I can pause on this Thursday and recollect how bless I am.  I can sit in a comfy chair.  I can eat way too much food.  I can celebrate a day without work with my family.  Beyond this, are the many blessings of God that I receive everyday.  Far too many to count…and yet I can’t wont take them for granted!

I do not deserve these blessings.
I am far too imperfect.
I am far too broken of a man.
I am still a work in progress.
I am, at times, anything but Christ’s image.
But I am thankful.
far beyond what I deserve…Thank you Lord.
I give Him glory for these things.
I dare not take them for granted.

May we all have thankful hearts that brim over,
spill out, splash our lives with thanksgiving
and shine the kind of peace and grace that others
will crave it too.
May our thanksgivings be contagious.
And in that contagion, may we change the world around us!

-A Random Thanksgiving Day Pondering.

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