In December…(A poem)

Putting on my outer coat, with sleeves – woolen and rough,
I open up the world and step into it once more.
The fray, the angst, the hatred, the love…it rushes at me
almost knocking me off my feet.
Taking away my balance,
my compass,
My light…
Exhaling another breath,
it gets caught in winter’s embrace
lifts off,
takes flight in wisps of cloud…soft, white, feathery;
And sometimes,
if I am brutally honest,
I wish I too could take flight,
could rise up,
on the wings of morning
and embrace the frigid breeze.
I wish that I too could
top the bowing trees, heavy with fallen snow
and be eye to eye with the sun…
Longing to feel its radiance
its warmth
breathing into me a song
as old as the groanings of the earth
as these bones pine for its alluring kiss
and sighing one last time,
I close the door
engage the engine
and head out into the thick of it
while I bid the rising dreams goodbye
for but a moment.

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