A Ring In The Kettle… (A Poem)

ringA wedding ring,
I found a wedding ring in a kettle.
It was resting on a pillow
of nickles and dimes
caught up in the hand
instead of placed upon one.
A sign of togetherness,
a sign of love,
a metaphor of
“they lived happily ever after”
and yet I found it
in a kettle
at Christmas.
Dreams crashed to earth?
Smoldering as they break apart? kettle1
Dreams crushed by unfaithfulness
losing its way
as this promise
lost within a beat up
red metal kettle.
What sort of story might you tell?
What sad song would you play?
Mistakenly lost?
Purposely cast into this lot?
Merry Christmas just doesn’t
seem to fit
No, it shouldn’t
be spoken here.
Perhaps a tear.
Perhaps a long,
deep groaning sigh…
I will hold onto you
for just a little while longer
and hope your promises
will be found again.

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