“Holistic Hospitality” by Captain Andy Miller III – Book Review

Are you a proponent for The Salvation Army getting back to its roots?  So am I!
There are countless “how to” books out there that offer scholarly advice, some are good, some not so good…some are just pie in the sky theories that have seldom been put into practice.

Captain Miller III and Family
Captain Miller III and Family

The Book: “Holistic Hospitality” by Andy Miller III isn’t just another book that offers scholarly advice with pie in the sky theories.  This is a practical book that provides all of us a clear blueprint that will not only help us to reignite our hearts but our focus on people and real life ministry.  One of the misnomers that Captain Andy Miller III tackles in this book is the notion that ministry only takes place in the corps sanctuary, or “that we must separate Army’s ministries into “social” and “spiritual””.  (p. 30)

As soldiers and officers we have often seen this dividing line in ministry, and it can be a challenge to bridge the two together.  Sometimes we see Sunday as our primary focus but become less involved in the other “social” aspects of day to day “Salvation Army” work.  In this book, Captain Miller provides us with a practical view and a clear walk through of his own team led project of introducing the notion of hospitality into everything we do.  Hospitality is so much more than something that is done at home where you serve guests. Hospitality ushers people into deeper relationship with each other and with Christ.  We can practice hospitality in EVERYTHING that we do as we point to Christ while serving others!

I won’t spoil the book for you and lay out the entire project on this review.
Instead I recommend you pick up a copy of Captain Miller’s Book “Holistic Hospitality – A Bridge To A Future Army” and read it for yourself.  Be encouraged, be inspired, as we strive to lead our Army onward into the future!

This book can be purchased at your Territorial Trade Department or online at Amazon.com: Linked here:
Holistic Hospitality

Something more to ponder today!

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  1. When we usher people “into deeper relationship with each other and with Christ,” whether in a corps setting or in a social services setting; lives are transformed. That kind of hospitality requires that we daily maintain a deep, personal relationship with Christ, not as a religious figure, but as the intimately present, resurrected Jesus. Then our hospitality will become Christpitality and the living Jesus will manifest His presence to the hearts of those we serve.

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