Dear Salvation Army, Is Your Corps Designed To Disciple?

Discipleship leads to holiness.
Holiness is the intentional shift from self to becoming the very reflection of Christ.
If we are to hear the Holy Spirit’s prompting in our lives we need to be discipled into a deeper faith.
The Problem: 
There are a lot of baby Christians who have never taken the next step.
Some have decided, whether because of low self esteem or doubts in the possibility of their personal growth, that this is as good as it gets.  Some simply get saved and maintain the same level of commitment to Christ.  It might not be intentional, as I’ve already stated, it might be because they just aren’t convinced growth is possible for them.  Sometimes relinquishing perceived “freedom” is the issue.  If the new convert were to commit further they fear they would lose their personal identities or have to give up the things they love to do the most in life.

The Question:
Is Your Corps Designed To Disciple?
I don’t mean is your corps prepared to add another program to its already extremely bloated schedule.
I mean, is it remotely possible that discipleship and/or mentoring younger Christians can happen today in your corps?  Are there older Christians who are mature in their faith who can take younger soldiers under their wing?  Are we actually serious about training the next generation of Soldiers to become the leaders of our corps…not only to become leaders but to be properly equipped Disciples of Christ?

We are good at talking about discipleship, but do we really know how to disciple?
Sure, it looks great on paper.  It tickles the ears of our leadership at DHQ…but are we actually serious about it?

The questions that always trip us up: 
displeWho will teach?
How much time will it take away from our other ministries?
Will it make a difference?
Are we equipped to disciple?
Where do we even begin?

Attached are a few resource links to check out:

Click to access Discipleship%20Handbook-Instructor.1.pdf

Making a Disciple
How To Disciple
What is Discipleship?

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple…we don’t need to over complicate things when it comes to discipling our soldiers and adherents.  It’s not that they won’t understand these things, it’s just that by keeping it simple and practical we will show our soldiers and adherents that discipleship is possible!

Discipleship makes holiness possible.
If we have better equipped soldiers in our corps wehave a stronger corps.
If we have committed disciples who are in turn discipling others, we will be laying a firm foundation for the next generation to follow!  growing

3 Steps To Help Your Corps Disciple: 

1. Be in Prayer!
Emphasize prayer for your corps family.
Don’t neglect this vital tool.
Pray in your own personal time with the Lord about discipling and who to disciple.

2.  Listen!
Don’t just talk to God, listen to Him.
Hear what He is saying.  Listen to those in your corps as well.  Hear their needs.  Hear the promptings of the Spirit to help you mentor those who need mentoring.  When we stop talking and start listening we will find that God has already put people in our path who need discipling.

3. Teach!
I don’t just mean opening up a book.
I mean lead by example.
Take a member of your corps out for coffee.
Spend time with them and share with them the principles of Christian living.
There are numerous resources out there that you can use.  There are some wonderful workbooks…BUT KEEP IT SIMPLE!  There is no need to inundate your people with overly complicated homework and requirements.  Don’t make it a classroom, make it life.
Don’t make it another corps program to attend, make it feel like home as you attempt to lead your corps members into a deeper, more substantive faith in Christ.

Is your corps designed to disciple?
If it is, will you comment on this article and tell us how your corps does it?
If your corps doesn’t, will you also indicate this in the form of a comment?
All questions are welcome, and we can explore the answers together!

Something more for our Army world to ponder today!
To God be the glory!

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