Dear Salvation Army, 150 Years!!!

Since its inception, The Salvation Army has been a beacon of hope to those in need.
It is hard to believe that 150 years has gone by since its start.  I am proud to be an Officer within its ranks while at the same time I know that we still have room to grow, adapt and improve.  Like any form of ministry, time passes, culture and customs evolve, and with it so should the delivery of the same message of Christ.

booth1The Past
I recognize the innovators in our army who were bold and unabashed in their proclamations of faith and salvation for all.  We need this fervor today.  Sometimes we still need to be civilly disobedient and unafraid of being arrested.  We need to be reminded of where we came from and why we are still an army.  We STILL have a mission as soldiers of this army.


We STILL fight for those without voices.  We STILL ought to be the safe harbor for people to go.  We STILL should “do something” for those who find themselves in hopeless situations and cannot find their way out.

The Present 150
There are many social platforms within which we can fight for those in need.
There are many single mothers and fathers out there struggling to do “right by their kids” and have hardly enough food to put on the table for them.  There are countless drug addicts in our communities who need to get clean and who need someone in uniform who cares for them despite their current behaviors. Taking the strain There are so many outliers in our communities, those who have been ostracized, marginalized, brutalized and victimized…they need us!  Where ever we look we can find poor souls who need our help.  Where ever we look we can find poverty, rejection, dejection, panic, sadness and grief…and we can still help bring relief to the many with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are we still a sanctified Army or is there still further cleansing to be done?
Have we given ourselves entirely to the will of the Father or are we still holding on to remnants and identities?
Are we lacking passion and zeal for His purposes within we as soldiers of this army?
Are we asking for His direction and guidance through these turbulent and often volatile times?

1501Today I celebrate the 150th Anniversary of this Army…and yet I know that we have much work to be done.  I do not wish to downplay all that we HAVE done already, but rather I recognize the work that STILL needs to be done.  We can only do so much in our own strength, but when we allow God’s holy presence to take up the fight within our faithfulness, we can do anything…I truly believe this!

To my comrades who are in London today, and have gathered with 18,000 other soldiers for Boundless 2015, I say please spur us onward!  Let us run and not grow weary!  (Isaiah 40:31) May we be on our knees earnestly praying for the many souls we can reach in His name.  May we begin to witness the miracles again for an Army filled with His Holy Spirit…renew us, reignite us, cleanse us, and spur us onward Dear Lord!

To God be the glory!


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