Dear Salvationist, On Removing All Doubt!

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.“-1 John 1:7

The Biggest Pondering to consider for Salvationists – “Do you believe God can cleanse you from ALL your sins?”  

This was a revelation and turning point of Samuel Logan Brengle, and perhaps it should also be a turning point for all of us!  We are very good at saying that God can cleanse us completely, but believing in our own hearts and minds can prove to be at times elusive. We live with regrets, and often times, dredge up the past and those sins we would be embarrassed of if anyone ever found out.

Sin & Guilt

Those deepest darkest regions of our hearts, those hidden sins – are often the only things preventing us from a spiritual explosion of growth in our lives.

Do we (I)  truly believe that God can cleanse us (me) from ALL your (my) sins?   
If so, why do we hold back?
Why do we doubt?
walkEven in my own life, I catch momentary glimpses of Peter walking on the water towards Jesus.  And as he begins to walk he is ACTUALLY doing it – he’s walking on the water, an impossible feat, yet it’s happening.  Then something happens.  Something catches Peter off guard.  He looks around him, perhaps reality (his reality – men don’t walk on water) sets in.  He sees the tempest of the waves, the power of the surging waters.  He feels the billowing gusts of the winds.  What had been an absolute conviction of faith, has now become a glimpse of mortality and human frailty.  walk tooLike the deep rumbling of storm clouds, doubt settles onto Peter’s certainties.  His absolutes turn into “maybes” and then into “no ways”…His eyes shift from Divinity and Eternity towards uncertainty and self-doubt.  Excuses then enter – “I can’t do this,”  “Who do I think I am?”  “This is impossible”  -Peter begins to sink.  As he is facing the tempest and the horrific certainty of death by drowning, he calls out to Jesus, “Lord save me!”

According to Matthew 14:31, Jesus IMMEDIATELY reached down and pull Peter up…Jesus immediately saves him.  Notice that the text doesn’t say that Jesus sinks in as well.  He doesn’t stop walking on top of the waters.  No, he pulls Peter back up above the surface of the dark watery depths.  What might have been the certainty of the grave by drowning, turned into a salvation story.   Then Jesus says to Peter, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”  (Matthew 14:31)
To me, this portrait is how I see this cleansing grace of God.
It is but a window into the portrait of our immediate cleansing.
God can and will cleanse all of our sins…IF we let Him.
It has never been about if God is able to cleanse us…
It has never been about God having enough power to cleanse us through and through…
It has always been about our doubts, our uncertainties, our inadequacies, our convictions of guilt and shame.
It has always been about our penitent hearts unwilling to see that He will cleanse the worst of sinners – including you and me.

Jesus died for ALL – His blood cleanses ALL.
Knowing and believing this truth makes all the difference!
We can have all of the wisdom of scriptures at our disposal, but if they are not employed and believed in our lives – they mean nothing, and God’s cleansing will not touch our deepest darkest sins.

You of little faith, why did you doubt?
Still applies to you and me today.
Can we consecrate our lives again to Him?
Can we recognize that God can and will purify us from ALL sin?
Perhaps this is what has been holding you back all of these years.
Perhaps you have felt unworthy of this cleansing.
Maybe you don’t feel as if you deserve it, or you doubt that you could ever live up to God’s complete and utter cleansing.

**Warning: words that are harder to live by are contained within the next statement!!**
He has made you whole, now live out that wholeness for Him!
Accept this complete cleansing.
Lay all of your sins, all of your guilt, all of your shame before Him.
He will immediately lift you out of the depths!!   holiness

By the love that never ceased to hold me
In a bond nor life nor death shall break,
As thy presence and thy power enfold me,
I would plead fresh covenant to make.
From before thy face, each vow renewing,
Strong in heart, with purpose pure and deep,
I will go henceforth thy will pursuing,
With my Lord unbroken faith to keep.

By the love that never ceased to hold me,
By the blood which thou didst shed for me,
While thy presence and thy power enfold me,
I renew my covenant with thee.

-Will J. Brand/Bramwell Coles

The Lord desires an Army of Salvationists consecrated and given to His mission completely.  The Lord desires all lives fully surrendered to Him…then and only then can He cleanse us through and through!

Something more for our Army world to ponder today!

2 thoughts on “Dear Salvationist, On Removing All Doubt!

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  1. I know that I have renewed my covenant and that I am forgiven but what a shame on the Soldiers and people of the Salvation Army that they are unable to forgive! What happened to removing the log from ones own eye?
    I am expected to forgive them for judging me when they have no right , only God can be my judge and I will face Him some day, on a day of His choosing! May God help and enable those members of the Salvation Army who believe that they are above reproach and look down on the sinner, the sinner forgiven by God! I pray that God will forgive them also!

    1. Unfortunately unforgiveness transcends everyone organization and church. I’m sorry you have experienced this! You’re right, we have to examine our own “logs” and deal with them before we can even help others with theirs. Thank you for sharing, so sorry you’ve had to go through this in your life as well!

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