Caution – Deadpool Is Not For Kids!

Deadpool trailer
This past weekend Deadpool opened at the box office, and quickly became a smash hit as well.
As a superhero fan boy, I have enjoyed all of the Marvel movies…minus a few critiques of Thor 2 and Ironman 2, but I digress.

I enjoy Marvel movies because:
1  – They have heroes, we all love hero stories right?!
2 – There are villains that push the heroes into doing extraordinary things.
3 – There is usually a cameo appearance by Stan Lee
4 – The comedic humor is always timed and appreciated!
5 – Easter Eggs – Not only are there clues and tributes hiding in the film, but at the end of the film there is usually a teaser for something coming in the Marvel Universe.

These are just a few of the reasons I enjoy Marvel movies, I’m sure that you have others as well.

it’s not your typical 20th Century Fox Studios release by Marvel film.
This is a rated – R risk.
This is an adult geared film.
There is even full frontal nudity.
The language and violence is not intended for children.
Parents do not take your kids to see this movie – even Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) warned parents not to bring the kids.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that this superhero film, that no one initially wanted to make, has smashed weekend box offices around the world beating out all of the “Xmen” movies as well as “Ironman 2” and “Man of Steel”.

The irony, as Ben Fritz of TWSJ says is, : “Deadpool,” a spin-off character in Marvel’s X-Men comic book universe, was made only after much trepidation and years of stalled development. That’s because the loud-mouthed, ultra-violent character required a film with an R-rating, a very high death count, and an insulting sense of humor about his own genre. Executives were concerned the movie would turn off most fans of PG-13 rated fare such as “The Avengers” and appeal only to the Comic-Con crowd.

The Washington Post reports that “Deadpool is not okay for kids, but might be just what your teens need”???  (As a parent, I’m personally saying no to that!)

Others have been very critical of the movie, like one such movie goer who said this on social media over the weekend; “All I can say is that I am embarrassed for Stan Lee. I can safely say that was one of the worst super hero movies I have ever seen. The entire movie tries too hard to be cutting edge and funny. The humor is at the level of a hormonal teenage boy who is trying to sneak a peak at a playboy magazine he just found in a trash can.

Long story short, if you’re a young adult and you want to see this film, go and watch it, but be mindful of the sophomoric humor and gratuitous violence and nudity.  Also the language and even story line (or lack there of)  has been criticized rather harshly.   If you have teens who want to see this film, I (and many other parents) would advise against it.

I have seen every Marvel film, but I’m afraid I might have to skip this one…but that’s just me.  I’ll just have to wait for Captain America Civil War to hit theaters in May.

Something for the family to ponder today.

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