Death Wish Coffee Review

I drink  a lot of coffee…I enjoy my coffee too!!
I love the coffee, it’s my wake up juice…my sweet nectar, elixir of life…mmm
…okay, I digress.

I just returned from a pastor’s conference (which was a wonderful time!)…When I got back to my office, I discovered an amazon box smiling on my seat.  The contents?  A black box containing a bag of Death Wish Coffee, which  also included a nice DWC sticker (which now is prominently placed on my computer…next to the apple sticker…covering up an HP logo).
I was so surprised and excited to try this coffee!
I’ve thought about ordering it before…it’s been on my amazon wish list for a while now, so receiving it in the mail from an anonymous friend seemed too good to be true.   A few of my friends commented that maybe it was sent to me maliciously (haha – I don’t think so). Again – a big thank you to whoever you are that sent me this coffee…and so I felt compelled to do this review, so here goes!!

Death Wish Coffee can be purchased through Amazon (hyperlinked here), or directly from Death Wish Coffee (hyperlinked here)
Death Wish Coffee is advertised as “the world’s strongest coffee”, I’m always curious about these type of claims, so I read up on them.  Here’s a good, comprehensive test of DWC by HuffingtonPost’s Crime and Weird News Editor Andy Campbell – Death Wish Coffee: ‘World’s Strongest’ Cup Claim Put To The Test

My experience was similar to Andy’s – The coffee is smoother than most dark roasts (or, in my opinion, ALL of them!!)  that I’ve tasted.  It didn’t have a bitter taste either – which is truly amazing, and something that I was surprised by!  I enjoyed my cups, which were French-pressed.  Supposedly DWC beans have 200% more caffeine than normal Arabica coffee…and I did notice more of a caffeine buzz afterwards.  Would I recommend this coffee?  YES.  But, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, please don’t buy this bean.   Although I didn’t get “the shakes” from this coffee, I did notice the caffeine affects on my body…and, are my pupils dilated right now?

Long story short – good coffee, no skunky after-taste, more caffeine with these beans.



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