What Happened on Easter Saturday?

Here’s a pondering for you:
What happened on Easter Sunday?
Where were the disciples? -Probably hiding.
What was Pilot doing?
What was Mary doing?  – In Mourning no doubt.
What of the women disciples?  -Most likely preparing to visit the tomb the following day.
It was Sabbath after all.

What of the soldiers who stood at the foot of the cross?  Where were they now?
The one that is hardest to answer, because none of us has seen the spiritual realm – Where was Jesus?  What did it take to come back?  What were the reactions of the Angels and that of the Fallen Angels, and they of Satan himself?

What exactly happened on this day?
Some might say, “well it isn’t for us to know.”
I might contend that this entire salvation story is because of us – as people fallen.
I just wonder if Jesus went to hell, what took place there?
I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall during that encounter.

angelsWe always talk about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and that of His wondrous resurrection, but perhaps the most amazing feat in this whole story of love and redemption is what took place beyond the veil.  Beyond our human, mortal vision.  How Jesus vanquish death, conquered sin, and, though the final battle hasn’t happened yet, ultimately beat the fallen angels – they never stood a chance as Creator took back what was rightfully His to give and take away.

What happened on Saturday?
Ah, don’t underestimate Saturday.
For though we see Sunday as victory, as well we should,  on Saturday (Jewish Sabbath) we ought to consider and contemplate that beyond the veil Jesus standing in victory within the spiritual realm as well.

Something more to ponder today!
Don’t you ever wonder too?


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