Dear Salvation Army, Blood & Fire!!!

army5I have met so many struggling Officers recently.
I have also met some tired and weary soldiers.
Questions frequently come up about why so many are abandoning their posts as Officers and even as Soldiers within the corps.  When viewed this can be very disheartening to many of us.  We have been engaging in these battles in our communities.  We have seen lives come to Christ, decisions made, life choices altered…but we have also shared in the heartache of those who have fallen away.  We have witnessed strong Christians washed away because of sin issues and moral failures.  We are not impervious to such assaults by the enemy.  We must constantly be on guard because the Father of Lies has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, and he will use them to divide and conquer us.  Be aware of this, do not, for a minute grant him a foothold in your life!!

I say these things to you today because I feel that in some places in our Army morale is army4low.  I can sense the rolling tides and currents of life pulling some of us under, and it threatens our very calling as Officers and Soldiers.  In some places even our charge forward into the fray has waned and we have become static…no longer pushing out into our communities, having no longer the strength to care for others because our hearts and our spirits are worn.  I am here today to tell you that you are not alone!  Although it may feel this way from time to time, although you have frustrations in leaders and in situations beyond your control, you have both an Advocate in the Holy Spirit and a wealth of power at your disposal – all you need to do is cry out to Him and He will sustain you, He will empower you once again.  “Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you!” (James 4:8)

army3I am also here today to encourage you in the Blood and Fire of this Army…for it is the very soul of who we are.  It is our very  life-source, and if we stray from the Blood of Christ and the Fire of the Holy Spirit, we will lose strength in every attempt to do things on our own.  This Blood and Fire is both our source of Salvation and Holiness.  It hangs as a constant reminder upon our Salvation Army flag.  It ought to resound in us as we move about in our day, regardless of the tasks, both big and small; insurmountable and the mundane.  This Blood and Fire is more than just another motto we spout out while wearing the uniform, it is a strength and doctrine firmly rooted within the Scriptures!  We can cling to His unfailing love and His Divine presence with us not only daily, but moment by moment.

The Misnomer Of Worldly Ambition:
While others might view this organization with ambition and a desire to climb imagined ladders of power and position, may we be constantly reminded of our First Love and our true purpose of being called in the first place!  And, though evil might still abound and even dress and look like “Soldiers and Christians”, do not be swayed, do not be perplexed…stand firm and cling to the Blood and Fire!!  We will be known by our fruit, and judgement is reserved for God alone!  So be persistent in your faith, do not waver, you are never alone and our purpose is for Others, while we strive to live out-loud which is Holiness: the very Image of Christ in us!

To the weary Soldier today I say:  Blood and Fire!!
To the weary Officer currently penning their resignation letter, I say:  Blood and Fire!!
To the Soldier faithfully teaching Sunday School for over thirty years and is still persevering, I say:  Blood and Fire!!  Keep up this fight, and do not resign or quit, or back down…We are an Army with Blood and Fire!

To God be the glory!
Something more for our Army world  to Ponder today!

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  1. A great way to encourage yourself and others is to prayer walk with the Blood & Fire Battle Flag. Check out (and like) the Facebook page: Prayer Walking With The Salvation Army Flag.

  2. Sometimes resignation is recognizing that what God has told you regarding your next steps are incompatible with what the organization says is best for you. On occasion it may be that the goals of the organization have changed to such a degree they are no longer in sync with the individuals original calling. The loss of an officer may mean they are getting back in step with the master. Both the officer and the organization must due their part for the system to work. It may not always be the officer who is leaving the organization…it may have already left them and they are just making it official.

    1. Amen to that one it is very hard when the corp itself has walked away from you and they r broken all you can do is hold close to GOD an walk in the way he ask
      Not weary just moving forward

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for including soldiers in the area of “calling. “.

    Often there seems to be so many within our ranks and certainly those out in the community that need our love and care. Sometimes my wife and I approach so close to being “weary” … We’ve coined the term “compassion exhaustion.”

  4. As a soldier with years of experience I can remember being told, this is your church, the officer will leave in time and new ones come, but it is our church. I too miss my pastor when they are moved, but that is what the Army is and always was. We are to love them while here, help in any way we can, but it is up to us, to make sure our church and our people are strong in their faith. We in turn, should always be a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, when our pastor or fellow church members are in need. I love the Army and all it stands for, but I have also sensed a line of command that you fear to approach, that should not be. This Army should have an open door policy for everyone. I am so torn and hurt when I see someone leave the ministry, and I am sure it is a hard thing to do. There are as many reasons as there are people who have come to this fork in the road. But my God never changes, the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. The Army’s Blood and Fire and precious to me.

  5. As a West Indian Salvationist and one who is a member of a Corps that was almost closed but now has a new vibrancy about it, I will say that the presence of The Holy Spirit and His Love is the answer to all situations. The question of officers leaving their post and resigning always baffles me and makes me wonder if they were ever “called” by God, or it was just a emotional trip by them. To me, the future of our church is squarely in the hands of Spirit filled leaders (officer & local) and an emphasis on personal and corporate Bible Study which unfortunately the church body lacks. With that established a practical Disciple course is a must to embolden us for an effective outreach ministry so that we focus on “Others” as William Booth rightly said.

  6. Scott, you always write so eloquently. Thanks for this. Compassion fatigue is a best and it is so very contagious. Sometimes it is not the fatigue that causes someone to leave, but the reaction of those in the fray. You simply get beat down with “more is more” thinking. It is not reserved for The Army, but wherever 2 or more are gathered. The question remains, what do we do with all this? We know it to be true. How do we respond in a Christ-like manner free of causing additional hurt and harm while keeping true to mission

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