In Perfect Peace…

You will keep in perfect peace
    those whose minds are steadfast,
    because they trust in you.
-Isaiah 26:3

Can I make a confession?
There are many times where my mind is not as steadfast as it should be.
Many times I become distracted by life.  The ebb and flow of problems seem to mount and I find myself anything but steadfast.  My mind drifts to the chaos of it all.  My mind forgets to look to the source of all of life’s strength and power…and I begin to sink.

Peter started to sink because he doubted. peter
He doubted that he could really pull of this feat of doing what Jesus did – walk on water.
He doubted his own abilities…perhaps a part of him doubted Christ too…
His eyes drifted away from Jesus…
He looked at his own feet, his own heart, his own insecurities, and fear caused him to sink into those murky depths.

I am a lot like Peter…
some days, perhaps I am even like the rest of the disciples still standing in the boat…not moving, not chancing anything, just watching.

Perfect Peace? 
I need that perfect peace in my life, do you?
I am in need of a steadfast mind, holding firm to Christ in my often turbulent life.
Can you relate to this?
Are you sometimes still in the boat with me and the other disciples, just watching Peter sink?  peace2

Dear Lord, help me with my “steadfastness”…because many times I am anything but steadfast.  Often times I get swept away with the problems of life, and I cannot find my footing any longer.  Lord, guide my path.  I long to rest in your presence.  I desire your perfect peace in my stormy life.  I am weary, and I wish to take upon your yoke in my life.  Help me to trust you.  Allow me to venture out of the boat and to walk where you impossibly walk, because with You all things are possible!  Lead me Lord! -Amen.


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