Elections: When We Mock God’s Sovereignty…

“The LORD sat as King at the flood; Yes, the LORD sits as King forever.” Psalm 29:10

Please do not misunderstand me when I say this – sometimes we make a mockery of God’s Sovereignty in life.  Today is a presidential election, we have one every four years…it’s built into the construct of our nation (and other nations also).   Admittedly, some elections seem to be more pivotal than others.  We ought to, if compelled, exercise our civic duty and right to vote.  The problem I have is this:  When God’s people, those who would label themselves as Christians – use the term “who ever becomes President, God is still sovereign”…now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this isn’t true, but I think we sometimes use this flippantly and with very little thought.   I will also admit that I have used it, and this is why I write this today.  god

I have looked around social media today (Election day) and I am amazed in the outpouring and calls for prayer.  Not that we don’t need prayer, we absolutely do, but it feels almost like that test in school.  You know the one I’m talking about.  It’s the test you didn’t study for, and are about to take.  You aren’t prepared and so you utilize the last resort prayer…does God work that way?   I mean, does he answer prayers for crammed tests and sudden emergencies in our lives?  Is that what God has become to His faithful?  The God of last resorts?

This is where I feel we make a mockery of God’s Sovereignty sometimes, and as I say this I am not accusing everyone of this, I am asking us to look into our motivations behind the prayers and the declarations of God’s sovereignty.  Are we treating God as if he is the emergency cord?

What I mean is, do we include Him in only a portion of our lives, ONLY when we need Him?  Or is He invited in daily?  Do we only declare Him to be a Sovereign God, who is over all things ONLY during an election, or do we declare this in and through ALL of our every day existences?

What if we prayed to the Almighty like we did during that Presidential election day?
What if we declared His Sovereignty not just when we feel our candidate is the one that should be elected, but in our common, every day kinda life?  What would happen then?
I’ll tell you what would happen – we would stop making a mockery of God’s Sovereignty through our consistent declarations.
So which is it?
Do we serve a God who only comes out at election day and ensures the right candidate is placed in the Oval office?  Or do we serve a God who is over all and in all things every day of the year – every moment of every day?  I must confess that as I point the finger out to every Christian today, that I have three fingers pointing back at me, and that scares me.
I do not want to cheapen God’s power and might!  I do not want to make light of His Sovereignty.  I must approach this topic with a sober mind knowing that I too have done this.  Have you?

Lord, forgive us when we have cheapened your grace and power.
I long to have you walk beside me every moment of every day.  Forgive me when I have forgotten to include you in my life, when I have used you as a last resort instead of my constant Father who vows never to leave me or forsake me.  I ask that you remind me of what it means to be called a child of You.  Show how I must live today, and tomorrow…
Lord, you are Holy and the only One who is Sovereign over all things.  Help me declare this every day, through word and deed.   -Amen.


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