Day 42 -“Kill Em With Kindness”

When Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, he really meant it.   Perhaps we play that game…you know the one I’m talking about – then one where we ask, “well, what does Enemy really mean?”  Sometimes we like to pick and choose who we “think” our enemies are…but never in our wildest dreams does it mean “THAT” person (you know who I’m talking about)…but indeed that is who Jesus means.  (Sorry)
Our enemies might never love us back, nor even show us an ounce of kindness, yet we are called to love them.  Isn’t it bazaar that we have been given that command by Jesus…and He took it to the extreme when he allowed those who hated Him to crucify Him on the cross?!  I mean, that is true love isn’t it?  It’s a kind of love that doesn’t have strings attached.  It’s a kind of love that, even if not reciprocated, is given freely.  This kind of love has truly turned enemies into friends over the course of history and permitted the Holy Spirit to work within people and the issues they had been dealing with.  Perhaps we do not know why THAT person treats others so poorly…perhaps they themselves are hurting or have been hurt in the past.  When we open the doors to even THOSE people, we begin to comprehend how deep and how wide the love of Jesus truly is.

So…kill em with kindness.
-Do you have one of THOSE people in your life right now?
-How might you show love to them even if it is never reciprocated?
-Begin by praying for that person or those circumstances!

Prayer:  Dear Lord, help me to love the people in my life who are difficult to love.  Guide me today as I attempt to live for you in every aspect of my life.  Be with me.  In your name I pray these things.  -Amen.

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