Day 53 -A Spiritual Spa…

“He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.”  (Psalm 23:2-3)

Have you ever come to the end, or even the beginning of your day and have found that you are unsure if you will make it?  I don’t meaning living, but I do mean the stresses of life.
We all find ourselves here.
We find ourselves running on empty and at times we lose forward momentum in our relationship with Christ.
These moments of fellowship that we have with God are so vital to the whole self.
It can become a monotonous, even boring practice if we only consider it an obligation.
God doesn’t require our obligation…but he longs for our fellowship.  When we find ourselves burned out, stressed out and emotionally/spiritually spent may we find the wellspring of life again through this relationship with God.  He wants to refresh our souls.  He longs to take us from the dry land, thirsty land and into a spa for the soul…to restore us, to renew us and to prepare us for his fellowship and his holy service.

Do you need the restoration of soul today?
Are you tired and emotionally or spiritually spent?
Allow a time of refreshment to take place in your life.  Perhaps this refreshment will come through your prays today.  Perhaps it will come from listening to a song in your car or on your ride to (or from) work.  Perhaps this spa will take place in a moment during lunch today.  Pay attention.  Keep your eyes, ears, hearts focused on what God is doing in your life today.  He wants to bring you to a place of refreshing and restoration.  Let Him in, and allow Him to bring his  renewal to you today.

Prayer:  Lord I desire your fellowship today.  I long for your peace in this restless heart.  Restore me today, I desire to be yours and yours alone.  Amen.

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