The 13th Doctor…it’s about time!!

Hey Fellow Ponderers, it has been a while, but I couldn’t help but offer a brief commentary on one topic – T.V. Sci-fi, specifically Doctor Who.  (Where are my fellow Whovians?  I know you’re out there in droves!!)

So BBC announced the new Doctor…and some people are flipping their lids.
I say that it’s about time we see a female doctor, and I am truly intrigued how the story line will progress!  I, like many other whovians have always been hesitant in watching the new Doctors (the switch from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi was especially difficult for me personally, I LOVED Matt Smith as the Doctor!!).



I am very excited to see how Jodie Whittaker plays the Doctor, and I’m glad to see a change even as I will miss Peter Capaldi (like I have all the other Doctors before him)!

I really love the molds being broken presently in our era, this is exciting!!

Come Boxing Day (for Americans the day after Christmas) – I will be anxiously watching the 13th Doctor who just so happens to be the first female Doctor…

So, what do you think?
Comment below and offer your opinions and thoughts.

-More to ponder!

2 thoughts on “The 13th Doctor…it’s about time!!

Add yours

  1. For me it has nothing really to do with ‘why not?’
    But that is not the point.
    The point is that Doctor Who is a male Superhero who for decades has inspired boys in playgrounds to run around and stage mock battles with daleks and cyber men.
    Boys everywhere have lost that this weekend. No boy is going to want to run around pretending to be a girl – and most girls wouldn’t want to anyway, so they haven’t gained anything from this transition.

  2. Pèople will hate change but it’s no different than Game of Thrones. If the storylines are good enough people will continue to watch even if your favourite character is killed off! In fact I think Dr Who started it! People may love a female Doctor. They loved the female companions. Controversy will make publicity so I anticipate this will only be the beginning. My family and I love Doctor Who! Kind Regards from your fellow Whovians!

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