I have been absent.
Too many things
crammed into
twenty-four hours.

I am lost in thought
but you are there
perhaps a time or two,
we have been derailed.

I’ve been feeling a bit lost
With one hand holding
onto my past tense
While grasping onto
a future both uncertain
and untenable.

The anchor is stuck
lodged amongst ancient rock far below
I am adrift, and my mooring
has slipped.

Perhaps your voice
in all of its timber and cadence
would soothe
this brewing hurricane
I am uncertain
there is still hope.

Perhaps when I rise
again tomorrow
With sunlight as an assurance
it will all have been a dream.

SES 9/7/22


One thought on “UnMoored.

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  1. Thank you for this.

    Honest and heart searching and possibly where many people find themselves at the moment.



    Susan E. Pereira Major

    Oficial de Educação, Colégio de Cadetes Comando de Angola

    Telefone: +244 933474968

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