Lamentation (a poem)

They say worry adds nothing to life
still, I cannot help but breathe it in
heavy like summer’s humid kiss
cleaving energy from these bones
melting life its depressive course

I am weary from the waiting
caught counting minute hands
stalking well-worn paths into carpets
and still, answers remain allusive
silent as new-fallen snow
on midnight streets.

It is the cold grip of dread creeping around
the dark side of my heart
the only answers come from irrational thoughts
holding knife to throat and ransom demands
have yet to be spoken.

Oh, daylight, please come and cast
your warmth on this fraying soul
breathe your hope into my withered
discouraged mind
cast your Light on me, Oh Lord
for I am desolate
I am the dry and thirsty land
I am the bones in need of fitting
the people walking in darkness…
I am the thief in need of life
while hanging from my cross.

They say worry adds nothing to life
at this point, I would welcome life
back into this husk with open arms.

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