Enjoyment or Disappointment (I think It’s time)

We bite our nails

Pluck strands from our crowns

And dream we were someone else

Somewhere else

Anywhere but here

But underneath it all

Under the grit

The grime

The labor, the time

Under our fingernails too short

And the receding of our hair

Is that spark

That vivid hope

That longing to breathe free

Like our lady of liberty with torch

Bearing light to the lingering masses

We live, yet seldom

Live to enjoy it…

We drink in disappointments

Yet seldom stop to bathe

In the ineffable laughters

Of the moment

It all falls down

Below the expectations

Below the frustrations

And then we wake up

With nothing

But our fears


For what?

Perhaps we shouldn’t

Let moments pass like that

Perhaps we have dined

On the ugly for far too long

Perhaps it’s time

Time to change that

Time to reinvent


Our minds

Our hearts

Time to refrain

And begin again. 



Before waking

In the hours before waking

the fluttering of the eyes

the creaking home 

chattering into the darkness

speaking life into 

the deep exhales of slumber

somewhere a dog barks

a car travel weary passes in the street

the light has yet to kiss

the curtains and bend its

warming grace onto eyelids 

closed and distant. 

In the time before waking

before the dawn

we journey far

and hope in joyous 


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