A Note from God (A poem)


When the light is sucked from your eyes 

and terror is masked as hope disguised 

I will hold your hand and bring the day

I will hope when your earth gives way. 


When dreams become hollowed and cold

and you are left with nothing to hold

I will hold you within my loving arms 

I will keep you from fear and harm.


And if you falter and lose all sight

I will be there to shine my light

and ignite your faith with my grace 

so that my love you will embrace. 


I have never left you, I am here 

I will help and dry  your tears 

These nail scarred hands will guide you there

I am Your Savior I will always care!  

Re-birth from the shattered (A Poem)


Innocently, our mystery and providence 

brakes the stranglehold upon this confidence

and as the attempt to grasp a hold of it 

we lose our grip, it slips as does our wit. 


And all we can reclaim are the broken bits

shattered and jagged are all that we get

we slice our fingers until they bleed 

picking up the things that we thought we’d need. 


Yet on our knees with all of this mess

contrite, we fight this  need to confess

yet it bites at our heels and pulls us still

discarding the shattered and hopes that will kill.


A light to our sight is cast in our night

it scatters our fears and increases our fight

it charges our hope, the need to be free

lifting our burdens and making us see


That death to the body is not death to the soul

there is a Savior who is making us whole.

We might be weak but He will be strong 

lifting our burdens, and righting the wrong.


Find strength dear sinner, find it today

we aren’t alone even when in this fray

Though we are broken and tattered and torn

 An eternal salvation and life is re-born!  



“He said to them, “Do you bring a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed?  Instead, don’t you put it on its stand?  For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.  If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” -Mark 4:21-25

Okay, let’s get it over with…”this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Jesus spoke to His disciples and to the crowd that had gathered there.  He spoke wisdom and truth to them and in the midst of these parables He begins to speak about a lamp.  What does a lamp do?  It illuminates a room doesn’t it?  When someone walks into a dark room the first thing most people do is switch on the light so that they might see.  The same principle is applied any place that is dark.  One would never venture into a deep dark cave unless a flashlight was lit.  Does one go into places that are dark without prior preparation?  Of course not because that would be dangerous and foolish!

Similarly the Light of Christ is never to be hidden from the world!  To do so is dangerous and foolish.  Fellow Christians who play church on Sunday yet keep the truth of the gospel to themselves like some sort of private VIP only club are foolish and narrow minded…but if I were truly honest with myself there are times that I have treat the light of Christ this way.  I have been one of those ‘members only’ Christians.

Yet if we look at how God works, does He need us to shine the light?  Yes and no.  Yes God wants us to share His good news to the world and yes we are partakers of His kingdom but does He need us more than we need Him?  Of course the obvious answer is ‘no’!  So why are we called to be ‘Light bringers’ into this world of ours?  The short answer is; so that we can be Christ’s faithful ambassadors to those still in the darkness!  He could clearly call someone else, and if we’re not careful He will call someone else.  But He wants us to be the torch bearer.

Exposed by the Light:

This world is a dangerous and dark place.  Christ brought the light so that everyone might see.  What is it that we see when His light is shone upon us?  For starters we see how lost we truly are.  It is easy to wander in the darkness and to ignore the filth that we have allowed to blemish us.    But when His light is cast upon us we find ourselves wanting, dirty and guilty.  The prophet Isaiah was given a vision of heaven and in the Light of God and all that he saw, he knew that he was unclean and marred by sin.  The light of God does that to His people; exposes the sins.  Nothing is hidden from God.  Nothing is kept locked away and private.  He light shines upon us so that we might finally be free from this life sucking filth which is sin.

When Christ spoke of the light, He was talking not only about Himself but about the truth of God.  Everything in this world both hidden and dirty will be exposed and known.  We, as His ambassadors are to be faithful to Him.  The good news is this world can be freed from the enslavement of sin and death!  The good news is that darkness is just the absence of light.  The good news is that God is the light that will shine upon all people here on earth.  The amazing news is that Christ has come to set us free from these bonds that keep us in the darkness!

This good news must be shared to the world!  This amazing light will deliver us all…and in so doing we are then called to pick up His light and share that good news to those still in the darkness.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”

Seeing the Miracles (Poem)

Perhaps it is in the simple things…

the catch in the throat,

the sliver of light cresting the horizon, 

in the fresh morning dew lending itself

to the growing blooms.

Perhaps the eye catches but a glimpse

of God’s amazing miracle

appearing and disappearing all around

touching our souls, 

igniting and renewing our faith…

perhaps that is what He meant 

when He said, it is the blind leading the blind

for we donned on our pharisee clothings

we play our parts and move along

but the it is all brain work

closing off the heart valves 

staving all emotion 

as we simply go through the motions…

Yet perhaps we’ve miss the mark.

Perhaps we lost sight of His miracles, 

closed our eyes and failed to truly see.

Oh that we may open them once again…

to catch miracles on our fingers

touching the blood coursing through

our veins

and then again ignite our souls…

perhaps this happens in an instant…

or in eighty years…

but dear Lord let these scales fall from 

these blinded eyes again.


Light our way!

Psalm 119:105 (NIV)
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.


Have you ever stumbled around in the dark?  I have on numerous occasions and usually it ends with me finding a light source only after finding unidentified objects in my path with my shins and toes!  Walking around in darkness is never desired, we need to see where we’re going in order to navigate safely through.  


A few years ago I went on a cave tour in the mountains of Tennessee.  We descended down into this cave with our tour guide, at the surface it was a hot summer day, but when we arrived to the bottom of the cave it was a chilly fifty degrees.  After some instructions from our guide, we took another hike through some narrow portions of the cave.  We even crawled through some spaces at one point, which made it just a little bit claustrophobic for some.  Finally after we had climbed through the narrow crevice we found ourselves in a large cavern with walls that were at least 15 feet tall.  The ceiling sparkled as there were numerous deposits of some kind or another.  Finally our tour guide asked us to trust him and to do something unthinkable.  He asked us to turn our lights off.  So we did and suddenly our entire group was plunged into complete and total darkness.   It was momentarily unnerving when I considered how deep we were and all of the rock that hovered over our heads.  It was so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.  Our tour guide then spoke and said, this is what complete and total darkness feels like.  


Sometimes in our spiritual lives we find ourselves in places like this.  Suddenly the light goes out and we’re standing there in the dark afraid and on the verge of panicking.  Perhaps we get there by our own strength and resources, we stray from God and try to do everything ourselves.  Other times we neglect our devotion and prayer life with God and we become disconnected with the Father.  And again suddenly we are plunged into a darkness  of our own choices.  

Whatever situation you may identify with know that this darkness can be conquered by His Word and His love!  He can and will guide us through this life if we let Him.  All too often I identify with the darkness because I take back my cares and concerns and think that I can do it all in my own strength.  Have you ever done that?  At times I think (and wrongly so) I don’t need any one’s help I’ve got this…but I couldn’t be more wrong.  

His Word will light our path if we’re consuming it daily!  But don’t stop there, allow His grace to fall on you each day, moment by moment as you invite Him into your day throughout your day!  

He will be your guide…do you trust Him?  


Burning the Christmas Tree


I burned the Christmas tree tonight…

warm summer breeze blew in to join

in the ol lang syne and somber tune

which added its fuel as we danced and sang

one last time.

The yule tree, now more of a yule log

hisses at us now, popping and wheezing

replacing the hohoho’s and the cheer,

blazing now here on the second of June.

This dried up timber with its wafting

scent, merriment and good tidings

cracklin’ gladly, roaring in this silent night.

I burned the Christmas tree tonight

and the boughs were a light once

more, brighter than before

in this final leg of festooning

and holiday mirth…and a lowly ornament,

long forgotten, smolders now glowing

amber, brilliantly mixing the fragrance of

the holly and the ivy with the

smells of barbecues and camping days…

and the freshly  mowed green lawn.

The ornament aglow now…although more inflames,

almost reflecting the gifts now discarded

beneath its canopy, and the wrappings

now too far gone having shuffled off their

mortal coils, after advents and deepening snows

of mid february’s gustings.

So too the tree has never been

so alight tonight.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

How lovely are your burning branches

The fire bright with summer light

the soothing glow of ember’s might

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

how lovely to behold you

…one last time.

“Walk in the Light” Sermon Podcast


Click on this link for Sermon Podcast:  Walk in the Light (Sermon Podcast)

1 John 2:1-6 (NIV)
1 My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense–Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. 2 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world. 3 We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands. 4 The man who says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: 6 Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.

At the door…Salvation comes. (Poem)

Dear Lord, 

you know these feeble hands

and waning strength

ebbing away as the ticking hand progresses

You know my thoughts 

and how they stray wondering 

further then a troubled runaway…

I can’t pretend in your presence

I can’t put up a front before you

You see right through me like 

a window pane freshly washed

this house is open, doors unlocked

I cannot hide from you 

not deny any skeletons yet residing.

yet you come to me

you still come to my level

and embrace me like everything

is alright…I know it’s not

and yet you remind me again

that your sacrifice has made me clean

you have made it right

made it right for me…

how can I accept this? 

when I know i’m a mess? 

How can I agree to this

when I can’t forgive who I am 

the battle isn’t about what you are

and what you’ve done

but what I am and where I’ve been…

how can I let you in? 

How can I let you see me like this? 

Yet your grace, your face

your love your hope 

surrounds me completely.

It’s too good for me and yet

you let me see that you grant 

this gift to me freely!

Such amazing love,

such unmerited grace

falls upon me in this place

and I am whole again

I am so much more than I used to be

you have mended me 

you have set me free…

and so I no longer let you stand

at the door on my front porch

but I let you in and let this 

salvation thing in me begin.  


In my ‘Nows’, not my ‘Whens’. (Poem)


When all else fails

when the engine light is on

when it putters, spews, coughs a death rattled breath

then lets go…I will begin to comprehend my worth.

When the paint, pealed and cracking on the barn

crumbling and falling down

speaks of yesterdays who are now 

older than Moses and all of the 

Red seas’ partings, 

the falling loaves from heaven

and the sinning ways of the blind

when the earth gives ways to swallow 

me whole…then I will find my way again.

When does when come again? 

What is there in a terminal world

to cling to like a single hand grip 

from plunging cliff? 

What foothold do I have left within 

all of my resources? 

I am nothing.

I am but a wisp of vapor

trailing on a breeze…defenseless 

and like Isaiah, when confronted with perfection

I am a broken man with muck and filth to my name.

When…maybe before the ‘when’…

as it turns a shade of gray in between 

the ‘Now’, I will clasp onto YOU.

Dear God, who never lets a foot slip.

Jehovah who comes and claims His own.

The solitary stable Rock in a mudslidden world…

Never in my ‘Whens’ but may it be in my ‘Nows’

that I run to you…and embrace all there is 

and grasp all there is 

so that Holiness replaces brokenness

whole restores the shattered…

And I am in You.  

Let it be…for now.

Sometimes logic fails


violence prevails

life…gets lost in the details

Sadness descends 

like a thick fog 

blurring our vision 

obstruction of mission

and solitary admission 

is required.

The doldrums of the day

can never compare 

to living a peace 

despite acceptance 

often it evades us 

leaves us dejected

rejected and hopelessly 

infected with a burdened heart

could we overcome this? 

Could we find the light again? 

We fumble in the dark 

tripping over each other

sister and brother

hurting each other

can we truly overcome this? 

One day, 

one mighty 

and awesome day

this too will be but a dream

and when we wake 

the lights will be on. 

until then our little ambient 

of heart and strength 

must be enough 

so just let it be!  

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