At the moment of resignation and surrender (Poem)


I want to grasp your hand dear Lord

But my grip is oh so weak

An ebbing strength of childlike hands

dulled senses, calloused and poor.

Yet as fingertips extend to where

They have never touched the heavens

All blood escapes as gravity closes in for a closer look

Kissing the heart strings as I strain

But Lord how feeble I must seem

All the while you, in all your glory

Indescribable in your majesty and might.

Even though I reach and strain

Gritting teeth and labored breath

I am no closer to you than when I started…

It is in a moment of complete resignation

Shoulders slumped, eye lids shut

Bitterness on the tongue pushed back

Swallowed and helplessness in my heart…

It is in this moment of complete and utter

Abandon of self-worth and personal gain

That I feel something.

That I feel a touch.

That I feel a warmth, like never before

As blazing fingertips extend and grasp onto mine

As I pull back in surprise for but a moment

As I recognize that I am in your very presence

Totally lost, powerless and surrendered…

You hold my hands in yours, I can feel your power

I can feel your strength as if it beckons me to


Looking up, hesitant, penitent

I find love.

I find joy.

I find peace.

All of my labored aching ceases

I am whole.

I am found.

I am Yours. 

Help, Safety and Provision


He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep…the Lord watches over you – the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.”  -Psalm 121:3-6

Isn’t it encouraging to know that we are never alone?  Despite circumstances in life, we have a God who loves and watches over us!  I find solace in these verses.  To me it brings to mind a sovereign God who cares about me and wants to provide and protect me.  He wants to do that for all of us if we allow Him to.   This wonderful provision and protection comes straight for the source of all life, and if He says that He will not let our feet slip then we are armed with the best and the strongest!  

Got any rivers you think are impossible?  Got any mountains you cannot tunnel through?  God specializes in things thought impossible, and He can do what no other God can do!”  

 God can do this for all of us today!  He wants us to know that He is there for us and that He is watching over our lives.  Find comfort in these verses today, and celebrate His care and love through the way that you live it!  


How often I lose my way…(Poem)

When I have exhausted all of my words

when each phrase I utter sounds the same

waning on like some sort of warning siren…

when the motions go out without a shout 

of purpose, and all I do with these hands

is caress sweet longings for tomorrow, 

when constant sighs replace the frequent ‘amens’

then I will know I am lost again.

When strength of spirit evaporates 

faster than moisture in the desert, 

when the hallelujah’s pack their bags 

and leave on the eve of morning 

then I will know that I’m lost again.

When my prayers fall short of the ceiling 

when each word on the pages of scripture

fail to capture glimpses between the blurs 

and the worry…then I will know that I am 

lost again.

Seek me and find me Lord…

for how often I lose my way

how often do I take back my burdens

again and again 

when only then do I realize

I’ve picked them up from the place 

I surrendered them to you…

How often do I pick up the hammer 

and nail every time that I fail 

casting my eyes on the storms

rather than the storm tamer? 

How often do I try and try 

in failing strength to do it my way

then each day facing my own 

dejected spirit, broken and hollowed out…

Seek me and find me Lord…

for how often I lose my way

how often I need deliverance anew

refinement and renewal 

restoration and recompense…

it all makes sense now dear Lord

every word that you say to me

encouraging me, delivering me 

Seek me and find me Dear Lord…

for how often I lose my way.



At the finish line… (Poem)

From the gathering souls 

who long to cherish our days

the light parades upon

the fallen ones. 

While in the darkness

the blind, content to remain

not knowing there is so much more

settling for anything…losing identities 

given at the creation.  

I don’t wish to just make 

it through

skin of my teeth peeled off

my hair beating me to the finish line

a split second dividing us by.

I don’t want to settle for mediocrity 

for being just average 

for fitting into a mold 

that thousands have already 

passed through…

to do so cheapens it

makes who we were created to be

so much less…and limited.

We are not limited to the air we breathe

I will not be held back by the 

‘You can’ts’ and the ‘It’s can never be dones’ 

If I am held back, if I restrain  but for a moment

this whole meaning of existence 

loses its significance…this isn’t arrogance

this is faith in the One who sustains

and provides our proddings onward,

not our ploddings out into nowhere.  

we are on a journey, 

but there too is a destination…

So I’ll keep going…how about you?   


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