At the finish line… (Poem)

From the gathering souls 

who long to cherish our days

the light parades upon

the fallen ones. 

While in the darkness

the blind, content to remain

not knowing there is so much more

settling for anything…losing identities 

given at the creation.  

I don’t wish to just make 

it through

skin of my teeth peeled off

my hair beating me to the finish line

a split second dividing us by.

I don’t want to settle for mediocrity 

for being just average 

for fitting into a mold 

that thousands have already 

passed through…

to do so cheapens it

makes who we were created to be

so much less…and limited.

We are not limited to the air we breathe

I will not be held back by the 

‘You can’ts’ and the ‘It’s can never be dones’ 

If I am held back, if I restrain  but for a moment

this whole meaning of existence 

loses its significance…this isn’t arrogance

this is faith in the One who sustains

and provides our proddings onward,

not our ploddings out into nowhere.  

we are on a journey, 

but there too is a destination…

So I’ll keep going…how about you?   


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