Salvation Army Corps: Challenges and Potentials


The Salvation Army is steeped in its rich heritage, traditions and doctrines…It’s ministry has been felt around the world since 1865.  Below I have compiled two basic lists.  The first, “The biggest challenges for Corps (local chapters of The Salvation Army).”  The second, “the biggest potentials for corps”.   These are not absolute by any means, some will not apply to all corps, but are general, though in essence something that should get us thinking.   

The Biggest Challenges for Corps: 


1.  Proper Time (Ministry application and usage) Management 

2. Consumed with reporting and other non-spiritual materials

3. Lack of responsible local officers

4. Lack of a clear vision and mission (locally)

5. Financial Concerns

6. Poor Spiritual condition of corps members

7. Corps property lacks adequate space for current programming

8. Traditions and regulations limit innovation and “out of the box” creative thinking & planning

9. Leadership and Lay person role perceptions/misperceptions 

10. Clinging to inadequate and or antiquated programs which no longer meet the needs of the community.  


The Biggest Potential for Corps:

1. Clear and concise doctrines

2. Most public perceptions are positive, Salvation Army is a trusted name.

3. We were founded upon the notion of taking risks for Christ and being bold in action planning!

4. Holiness Movement means we MUST rely and listen to the prodding and direction of the Holy Spirit!  

5. The Army Mission statement is clear.

6. Strong sense of purpose in communities (Holistic Ministries) 

7. Vast, sometimes untapped resources of other command units & officers.

8.  Continued education of its leadership and officers

9.  Discipleship initiatives and weekly bible studies

10.  Application of Christ like teachings outside of the four walls of the corps building, through cell groups, ministry teams and relational ministries.  


As I mentioned, these are not all inclusive, and are probably similar to other denominations.  It does help in any process organizational planning to have a clear understanding of your local ministry and its strengths and weaknesses.  Some food for thought.    

-Glory to God! 




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