I get knocked down…but I get up again!


“Fight the good fight of the faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called…” (1 Timothy 6:12)


Rocky is training for the fight (yeah I know this does age me doesn’t it?) he is running, he is working diligently for the fight and every ounce of sweat, tears and endurance is focused on THE EVENT, when he will face Apollo Creed.  He is trained, ready and focused on the goal.

In this Academy Award winning film, the main character ‘Rocky’ pushes through a lot of adversity to face off with the world champ in the ring.  The main theme of this film is on focus, determination and perseverance.

Aren’t these qualities what every Christian needs in this world today?  Haven’t you ever felt like giving up?  Have the pressures of the world around you seemed insurmountable? When you get knocked to the mat by criticism, gossip and even slander have you wanted to quit?  I imagine each of us in our own power would have quit long ago!


Having perseverance in the faith requires us to have a firm footing in whom it is we worship and count on to lead us.  God wants so very much for us to keep fighting no matter what!  It’s not a physical fight we wage in this world, but this very real spiritual battle does spill over into the physical world doesn’t it?


Today, whatever you are facing, whatever trouble that might come your way, know that God is in your corner!  He wants you to keep going and not to quit!  He gives us His strength when we are weak, the supports us when we don’t have the power to stand on our own.  So if you’ve been knocked to the mat, and the referee is counting there in front of you, get back up!  Don’t quit…Eternity is our goal and Christ is our coach!



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