Yesterday, today and our tomorrows

When the falling tear
Is caught within the hand
And you fight it back
Tooth and nail
Trying to prevail
And avoid succumbing
To its charms
It’s lure
Though inside you’re
And dreaming to fly
So much further
Than where you are now
it hurts
The screaming brain
Wants nothing to refrain
Nothing to dull this
Inside you’re yearning
To face this
To come to terms
With this
But like judas’ kiss
Your stubbornness
Betrays you
No one can see
Through you hardened
Yet you aren’t fooling
The wool can’t be
Placed over the eyes
Of the Son,
This has only begun
Now you breathe
Once more
Allow the tears
To freely fall
hey it’s your life
Let it begin Anew
Wipe away yesterday
Sigh, then smile
And give tomorrow
A warmer embrace
Than is needed.

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