Wisdom or foolishness? (Poem)

Brandishing the hand of wrath 

the vanishing grace evaporates 

like the morning’s dew in the sun shine. 

Finding our hearts again 

like a widow in search of a coin

that would buy her bread 

for a day…are we prepared? 

Clothed with wisdom 

or naked in our foolishness? 

There are times where

we wish for fig leaves

in our foolish follies 

laying flat on our faces

purple with bruises of pride

wishing we could rewind the

moments of our lives. 

There are two journeys

of which we must choose

a path that leads to our downfall

plagued with illusions of grandeur

jagged and cliffed with failure…

the other path, a journey both difficult

and rewarding, yet here we stand

with a choice to make

wisdom and a ship of fools?

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