A Week in Review:

This isn’t so much a pondering as much as it is a recollection of my week:

Monday was a surprise in that we had to call 911, have our 4 year old son checked over because of an episode that we thought was a seizure…a couple late night hours spent in the ER waiting and more waiting.  Sent home to ‘monitor’ him which roughly translates to NO SLEEP!  But we’re thankful he is fine (no further episodes, thankfully because the first scared the living day lights out of us!)

Tuesday was essentially a wash because of our late night drama…everyone was tired, kids called in absent at school and we just spent time with each other.  It’s interesting what a life/death moment like we share together would bring us closer.  So we did, we talked, we laughed and we perhaps cherished our time together a little more on our ‘do nothing but emotionally recover Tuesday’!

The rest of the week seemed to zip by, with church programs, visits, office work and continual conversations both work and otherwise.  I think today I might try to learn how to play this:  Image

I hope your week went well, if not then hey it’s the weekend so enjoy!

-Blessings on you!

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