transMission: New Offerings ‘We Believe’ (Music Review)


I wasn’t asked to give a review of this new offering of the band transMission by anyone, but I’ll give a review anyway.  transMission is a Praise/Christian band from Atlanta GA, through The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory’s Music Department, and its band members are also Salvation Army members.  transMission is inexplicably linked to The Salvation Army both in word and deed and their latest offering ‘We Believe’ truly strives to link music with doctrinal belief.  This may sound boring to some or too lofty of a project but taking one listen at their latest album one will hear the depth and breadth of what ‘we believe’ is all about.

It is a unique and very ambitious venture yet is consistent with the band’s ministry and mission. Never have I before heard a group put together an entire album based solely on doctrinal principles…and it works!  Their sound is unique to each song, and unlike some bands, transMission takes some musical/lyrical risk to present both gospel and personal conviction while maintaining the quality of praise/rock standards.

If you haven’t yet heard transMission, check out their website: and sample their latest offering on your web player or mobile device!  Here is the link for the ‘We Believe’ web player and list of songs too:

Check them out, then support their ministry!


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