“Undoing Church” 4 Ways We Miss The Mark

Sometimes I wonder if Church, the way it is right now, is the way Christ intended it to be.  What I mean is, over time the early “Christians” met in houses and broke bread together, sang some songs of praise and prayed together…but soon the incorporation of “things” and “elements” within those worship settings were added.  These things and elements aren’t a bad thing, but what if those things and elements begin to shape our worship so much so that now we have actually lost some of what “Church” was supposed to be in the first place?  What if  Church has become so mainstream and so institutionalized that we have lost some of its initial significance and power?

Ear Phones, Tangles & Church
If you’re anything like me you probably have some of these:earlying around your home.
They are really pesky to keep straightened out.
They can become easily tangled by just putting them down on the kitchen counter or in the dreaded pocket of your jeans.  Undoing the tangles on these earbuds is a necessity in order to use them properly.  If we allow them to remain tangled or if we yank them apart in frustration we will most likely break them.

This simple illustration is kind of how I see the Church today.
We’re often times just a big, frustrating tangled mess.
We have allowed some elements and even the institutionalization of the Church to become so embroiled in complications, rituals and non-biblical traditions that these sacred cows have entangled us and restrained us from experiencing what true “Church” is all about.

We think that everything points to what we do on Sunday morning in our very rigid “bulletin” format.
We think that what we do in these elements is what matters most…but if nothing translates from ritual to spiritual disciplines and real life application in our lives, then it is all for naught.

So…perhaps instead of tightening our rigid formats in worship we need to undo them.
Perhaps part of the dwindling attendances on Sundays has less to do with “worship styles” and “cultural distractions” and more to do with our complicated worship practices and formats.

I am not saying that we toss the baby out with the bath water…but perhaps the bath water is tired, dirty and cold, if you know what I mean.  Why do we do what we do on Sundays?  Is it because that’s the way we’ve always done it?  Is it because this is what feels comfortable to us?  Is it because we’re mandated by the powers that be to conduct our services this way?  Are we so tangled up in complicated knots that we wouldn’t even want our families who don’t go to church to come to our services?
4 Ways we miss the mark: 
1.  Beating the same, tired, broken drum.  drum
I won’t beat up on traditional music, there is still a place for it.
Music is vital, but it is not our focal point in worship.  It ought to lead the worshiper towards what God is saying…it should never be a performance to show off the talents of the few.  The drum we beat that is tired and old actually lies in our format of worship.  There is this sort of rigid format that we follow every Sunday where we always have the message at the end, and before that we sing a song, and before that we have the bible reading…and so on.  It’s a worn and beaten path.  It gets old.  It’s a tired and broken drum.  Sometimes I believe we lose the significance of our worship if we don’t change things up.  I believe that we can lose new comers, not because of the content of our service, but because of how we – the long timers – respond to it in our own hearts and expression.  If the drum is broken, if worship is mundane and uninteresting, if we just keep plodding along like a tired mule on a familiar path, then, perhaps it’s time to change.

We also miss the mark many times because –
change2.  We fear change so we lag behind
We don’t want to upset the apple cart.
We don’t want to “break with tradition” even when “tradition” has nothing to do with the true origins of Christian worship.  So, because of this fear of changing, we drag our feet for as long as possible.  This is just one more rung in the clumpy, tangled mess of the church.  Sometimes it’s not so much culture that is prodding us to change and adapt, but it is the Holy Spirit who is doing the prodding.  Even then, the steeped traditions and tired drums keep being played without so much as a cadence change.  Our fear of change as a body of believers might be the death of us.  I might receive some negative criticism for this, but I believe it doesn’t make it less true.  I have said it before and I will say it again that I despise the phrase “We have never done it that way before” …which sometimes translates as “We’re not about to try either!
Perhaps, in the undoing of church, we ought to be less fearful of change and more fearful of not changing and adapting as the Lord leads us.

3. We fear change in our church because of what denominational leaders might think leaders
Dare I say that “undoing the church” isn’t only about addressing the fear of change, but it is also about addressing this misguided notion about fear of what institutional and denominational leadership might think.  I am not advocating anarchy or rebellion against leadership, in fact, for the most part, God has placed leaders in those positions for specific tasks and they should be honored and respected…but…if we spend so much time pleasing our leaders and worrying about what THEY will think or say, I believe we will have lost our way and will have only added to the tangled mess that is the church today.   Yes, denominational leaders set the vision and motivation for the churches but we in those churches must meet the communities in which we live.  We must be innovators of the Word of God.  We must please God and fear Him above all else.  We must move when He asks us to move.  We must change when He prods us to adjust.

bubble4.  Our focus is inward instead of outward
Another way in which we miss the mark is the internal focus of our mission.
We, as a church, can become so internally focused that we lose the great commission unless it means the “lost” come to our doors.  I find this inward focus to be extremely entangling and detrimental to our mission as a church!  We must be welcoming of new comers to our worship services, while at the same time be community focused and attempting to serve the needs of others.   Sometimes, when our church has been a long-time established we can have this air about us…that we are “amazing” and think “why wouldn’t people want to come to us?“; or even ask condescendingly (God forbid we ever say this) “well those people really wouldn’t fit in here!”  Do cliques occur in church?  I wish I could say “no” but as sure as they exist in schools, they are in church as well!  Sometimes these cliques are inclusive of new members and many times (without saying so) they are not.  We miss the mark of true “Church” when we lose the love of the “outsiders” and instead insulate ourselves inside our own glass bubbles.

If we are to “undo” Church, we will need to adjust these issues, and untangle our hearts.
Perhaps we must revamp our worship services even though we fear change.
Perhaps we must question why we do the things we do and what real significance they actually play in leading others to Christ and into a deeper relationship with Him!  If we beat the same drum and refuse to undo church, we could face church extinction…I don’t say that as a threat, it’s just simply the truth…and sometimes the truth hurts.

Something more to ponder today!
God bless you!

Music review: U2 “Songs Of Innocence”

Photo Sep 11, 10 38 39 AM

The release of this 11 song LP “Songs of Innocence” by rockers U2 has created a lot of buzz in the last couple of days.  Apple purchased the music and gave it away for free to every Apple owner on the planet at the release of iPhone 6 and the upcoming iWatch.

Their recent concert at Apple's release party
Their recent concert at Apple’s release party

Some have labeled U2 as sell-outs because of this move.  Bono, U2’s front man and lead singer, didn’t hide the fact that they were compensated for the use of their music.  It was just a business deal and a generous gift from Apple to their customers.

My Music Review: 
“Haters are gonna hate.”  It’s their opinion and that’s fine.  I’m kind of a fan-boy of U2…but hang on, don’t stop reading because I have some criticism of this latest offering.  I have listened to U2 since “Rattle and Hum” Rattle

The Albums I loved: “Joshua Tree”, “War”, “Achtung Baby”, “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”

The Albums I Hated: “Zooropa”, “Pop”, “No Line In The Horizon” (except for Cedars of Lebanon).

This latest offering “Songs of Innocence”…let’s see, how can I describe it?
Here are a few descriptions that come to mind:
*Haven’t I heard this before?
*Feels contrived.

What I liked:
-The Edge
I enjoy hearing the guitar riffs from The Edge…hence the “Punchy” description.  He has a way of placing those riffs to explode your ear drums and enhance any song.  Few guitar players of The Edge’s caliber has the kind of influence and identifiable sounds.  It’s like hearing Sting sing…you just know immediately who is singing.  That’s how it is with The Edge for me.
-Bono Vocals
Similarly, like Sting, Bono’s voice is easily recognizable.   In this latest LP “Songs of Innocence” Bono’s vocals do not disappoint.  He wails, sails in the rafters and nails every note which is uniquely “Bono”.  It’s the kind of music you want to get in your car and crank it to “11” (Sorry Spinal Tap fans).

I am also a fan of their global efforts to end A.I.D.S. and to help people around the world who have no voice.  Bono and the rest of U2 are amazing within the realms of philanthropy.  They just seem to get it, and they aren’t just charitable by word or a kind of “look at me” style of “charity”…they actually do the tough work as well.  See this link – Red (okay haters out there, stop gagging and fake retching)

Two songs that I currently love on this recent LP are – “Raised By Wolves” and “Sleep Like A Baby Tonight” which I think tap into their passion to help the helpless and to throw the punch at the apathetic and those that hinder efforts of compassion and love in our world.  Bono can often be quite critical of the Church as well as “Religion” in general, and this LP is no different.  With such gut punching lines like;
Hope is where the door is
When the church is where the war is
Where no one can feel no one else’s pain…” (from ‘Sleep like a baby tonight’)

U2 paints their worldview very clearly in their songs and this is something that resonates within me.  They don’t have to be overtly “religious” to declare that they care for others and for something more than themselves.  Honestly, I can’t help but hear deep theological undertones within their music and a sincere passion to search for the truth and for God.

What I didn’t like:
This album felt forced.
Some songs seem unfinished to me, or perhaps a little less polished.  Perhaps it had to do with the way it was released.  Maybe that’s it.  I felt that maybe this publicity campaign with Apple pushed the release of this album up far too quickly for it to develop into something truly great.  It left me feeling “meh”…it was okay.  I felt as if I had heard this all before.  It wasn’t unique with the exception of Bono’s vocals and The Edge’s guitaring.  It just left me wanting more.  It left me longing to hear something as epic as Achtung Baby once more.

I’ve only listened to the complete album a handful of times so far, and I’m sure I will listen to it a lot more since I’m a fan.  Maybe, like other albums I’ve owned over the years, it just takes time to grow on me.  I don’t know.  Time will tell.

I currently give U2’s “Songs of Innocence” 3 out of 5 stars3-stars-out-of-5

Why I stopped listening to “Christian” Music


I probably just offended a few Christians out there, sorry that was not my intent, let me get to the point.  I have a problem with certain types of music that has become exclusive.  By this I mean Christianity isn’t a show in which we sell tickets and make money.  U2 once wrote in one of their songs, “Then they put Jesus in show business, now it’s hard to get in the door.” (If God will Send His Angels, 1997)  Is it hard for outsiders to hear the gospel of Jesus in some of the “Religious” music today?  

I like what Jon Foreman, singer/song writer of ‘Switchfoot’ said when asked if their band was a “Christian” band; “…There is a schism between the sacred and the secular in all of our modern minds. The view that a pastor is more ‘Christian’ than a girls volleyball coach is flawed and heretical. The stance that a worship leader is more spiritual than a janitor is condescending and flawed. These different callings and purposes further demonstrate God’s sovereignty. Many songs are worthy of being written. Switchfoot will write some, Keith Green, Bach, and perhaps yourself have written others. Some of these songs are about redemption, others about the sunrise, others about nothing in particular: written for the simple joy of music. None of these songs has been born again, and to that end there is no such thing as Christian music. No. Christ didn’t come and die for my songs, he came for me. Yes. My songs are a part of my life. But judging from scripture I can only conclude that our God is much more interested in how I treat the poor and the broken and the hungry than the personal pronouns I use when I sing. I am a believer...”  (http://ctkblog.com/2013/12/05/why-switchfoot-wont-sing-christian-songs/

“Christian” music shouldn’t be a label that bands slap on themselves to sell records, it should be a lifestyle no matter if they fill stadiums or play in churches.  I think there’s a misnomer that if you don’t make it big on a secular label one can just “crossover” and produce mediocre tunes and still be successful…I honestly don’t think that mentality is truly an effective source of genuine evangelism. 

1. Get out of the bubble:




I applaud musicians who see the world around them as Jon does.  There shouldn’t be a schism in our society that differentiates and divides.  I recognize the need to be “set apart” as Christians, but does that mean that we should also be separated and exclusive in our music too?  Understandably there are certain forms of music that are foul in language and sexual in nature that we should avoid. This isn’t about worship music on Sunday mornings either, this is about how we perceive the world around us and breaking down the walls of an “Us against Them” mentality.  

We can’t build walls around the Christian church, if anything Jesus came to tear down those walls.  Sometimes I get frustrated with the “Christian bubble” affect that Christian music has on people.  You know the old phrase “don’t become so heavenly minded that you’re of no earthly good”?  This is exactly what happens, in my opinion, when all that we live and breathe is the Christian radio station in our cars.  This is what happens when our worldview becomes so small that it just includes the four walls of our church and our homes. God has a bigger outlook on His people than just for the purpose of insulating themselves in the bubble of the “Christian world”.  

If we are to be His mouthpiece in the world we have to be willing to step out of our little bubbles and stop looking at “non-Christians” as “Them”…we’re all people who have been created by a mighty God and He loves people and He longs for a restored relationship with ALL people!  His desire is that all will hear of His amazing love.  

2. Don’t Disguise Jesus: 




I am not saying we shouldn’t proclaim His name either.  We shouldn’t have to dress up Christ in a disguise in order to fool people into listening to “Christian” music either, and I don’t think that Bands like Switchfoot do this.  Jesus doesn’t need a disguise in order to fit into the lives of any who are lost in this world.  Jesus wasn’t bothered by the social norms and constraints of the Ancient Jewish customs and neither would He be in our day and age.   God doesn’t get stuck in our socially accepted roles and rules, He is above them and He sees how things should be not how things are right now.  Jesus doesn’t need a disguise and will work through the hearts of those who are genuine and real.  He will work In the hearts of those who have a real passion to reach the lost, the poor, the hurting. We can’t box God in and say that He doesn’t love “those” people because He is still seeking and willing to save anyone who needs Him.




3. Dear Musicians, Lay off the cheesy lyrical cliches of “Christianese” 




I am trying not to offend anyone, but there are some annoying Christian lyrics out there being played on the radio today.  For example, “If you don’t know what to say, just say “Jesus”…”  Are you kidding me?  Is that the best we can do?  How is that reaching out to those who have never heard the truths and love of God?  Sorry, my critical side is showing and I’m sure I will receive some feedback on this, but any genre of music should make the attempt to produce quality music and not settle for the (churchy) old, tired cliches.  From an outsider’s perspective it just comes across as cheesy and who wants to listen to something thrown together that doesn’t even come close to the level of quality listeners come to expect in modern music?  

Don’t compromise the message, but also don’t settle for mediocrity either.  In all things we ought to strive for excellence and keep the passion to reach a dying world at the forefront of our mission.   Christ came for the whosoever not the “whatever”.  He still longs for His people to actively engage in relevant evangelism so that the truth of His Word can penetrate hurting hearts, but we can’t rely on tired old cliche’s that no one understands to deliver that message.  

In a nutshell:



 I listen to all kinds of music.  I enjoy many, many genres, and I don’t want to place myself in an unbreakable Christian bubble as I look out into the “outside” world.  We all are called to step out and be available to show His love to anyone we can reach.  We can’t compartmentalize our Church life from our social life…It’s all life and there is a real mission to fulfill in it.  This is more than just music, this is the great commission and we can not afford to waste our time living in an exclusive world while millions die without seeing the real, tangible Christ in our walks of faith and in the words we say and live out loud.  


To quote again one of my favorite bands – U2 “There is no them, there’s only Us” (Invisible, 2013)

-Just a thought.  



***Disclaimer: It’s not that I don’t listen to “music with a message” or Christian music, it’s that I long for a deeper more impacting quality of music in the Christ-following realm that is played on radios. I love the Lord with all my heart and I want to serve Him the best that I can, but I also don’t want to cheapen that relationship by settling for a poor quality of music. Long story short, I’m a music snob…sorry about that!***

Song Review – U2 “Invisible”

They released their new song “Invisible” free during the Superbowl this year. It was available to the world via iTunes. It is a part of the RED project, but as I listened to the lyrics of this song, the message was so much more than just raising awareness to the horrific plight of AIDS around the world. It spoke to my heart about something bigger than you and me. “Invisible” spoke about Eternity.

A few of the phrases in the song struck me:

I’m more than you know
I’m more than you see here
I’m more than you let me be
I’m more than you know
A body in a soul
You don’t see me but you will
I am not invisible
I am here

I am here

There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only you
And there’s only me
There is no them

Not only does this song talk about unification but it speaks to me about our Eternal home. This song encouraged me, and if we hear this song in the eternal context all of us might find this same encouragement.

You are not invisible, we too are more than we know.


“The God that never lets go!”

“I was taking the kids to school”

I was listening to music on the radio as I was dropping my children off at school this morning.  Minding my own business, when God decided to pop in for a visit.  Perhaps it had been a while.  Perhaps, if this was a time for confessions I might admit to getting caught up in work and other things…perhaps.

Isn’t it funny how God can speak to us in so many different ways?  We can go to an art gallery and suddenly a painting of flowers will strike a chord in our hearts and we would know that God had something to do with it.  Or perhaps we see God in other people as the driver just ahead of you casually pays for your toll as well…God was there.  Or even in the midst of utter despair, pain, hurt, loss, we might read something that gently and quietly reminds us that God is present with us.  He is here with you now as you read this…do you believe that?  I do.  His presence is with us always, even to the ends of the earth, even when all hell breaks loose around us, even when we are blind to His passing…He is there!

…back to the music on the radio…

I was sitting in my van and two songs back to back touch my heart in a way that I couldn’t deny His presence there.  The first was a song by Mumford and Sons called “Below my feet”.  It wasn’t so much the entire song but the refrain that captured my heart for a moment:

” Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn”

As I heard those words I pondered that last sentence; “Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn”…but I said it like a prayer to the Lord.  Lord, keep my eyes to serve and my hands to learn…. I didn’t lose control of the vehicle but I could feel His presence there and I may as well have been in church.

“I may as well have been in church!”

The very next song that came on was a song by the David Crowder Band called “You never let go”.  Its words go like this:

When clouds veil the sun and disaster comes
Oh my soul, oh my soul
When waters rise and hope takes flight
Oh my soul, oh my soul, oh my soul

Ever faithful, ever true
You, I know, You never let go

You never let go, You never let go
You never let go
You never let go, You never let go
You never let go

When clouds brought rain and disaster came
Oh my soul, oh my soul
When waters rose and hope had flown
Oh my soul, oh my soul, oh my soul

Ever faithful, ever true
You, I know, You never let go

I was in church in my van…God was very present.  He reminded me of just how important it is to not only serve Him but to always look for Him in every moment of my day.  He’s here right now wanting so desperately to fellowship and commune with you and me.  And His promise to us is that He will never let go.

-Both songs will be linked below.

Just a thought for today.

Robin…about these Blurred Lines…where have all the Gentlemen gone?


I was criticized yesterday for writing specifically about Miley Cyrus and not even mentioning Robin Thicke, who also displayed deplorable acts on stage recently during the VMA’s that left many heads shaking…it was most definitely not a PG rated performance on national television.   I haven’t intentionally given him a pass by any means.   Let me just say this directly: Robin you are no better than your female counter parts…in fact you may be worse.  Your womanizing ways are impressing upon young men around the world and in effect saying that it’s okay to objectify women and act like a dog on and off stage.  Your persona exploits women and sexualizes them as mere objects instead of people.  This whole ‘sexual shock pop’ is undoubtedly about making money.  But again the message you’re sending to guys out there is that this is how women wish to be treated. You’re selling sex to make money, it’s not a new ploy, but it truly is a bottom-feeding business.

In 2012 over 25% (http://www.childstats.gov/americaschildren/famsoc1.asp) of all American kids were being brought up in a single family household…why do I mention this? Because only 1% of that statistics represents single fathers, the rest are single mothers trying to bring up their children as best they can.  Some were unwed while others because of Divorce, but there is a growing demographic of young men out there that thinks it’s okay to sleep around, get women pregnant and then bail.  Why would that be?  Some of it can be directly attributed to guys like you who prance on performing stages and sing about the next women you’re going to sleep with.  Bill Cosby, actor and Doctor of Education even rails against this issue within the African American community…but it’s not just an African American issue, it’s a cultural issue.


This country has lost its Gentlemen, men who respect women.  Men who know how to treat a woman.  This country needs less Robin Thickes’ and more guy willing to man-up, step up and take responsibility.  The crude remarks, the condescending humor, the sexist attitudes…it isn’t improving matters, it’s making them worse.  Robin, have some common decency…although I doubt anyone will read this, It’s solely my opinion…and since it’s still a free country I will share that with you.

Some have suggested that we pray for you and others in the entertainment industry.   I do.  I really do.  I don’t say it like someone does in a casual conversation as they walk down the hallway, ‘well I’ll pray for you’, I really will pray for you.  I will pray for Miley too.  I cannot imagine the stress artists like you are under to perform…that doesn’t take you off the hook for acting like a dog, but I can’t imagine.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers for any of you.  And as someone rightly said, it’s the parents job to teach their children how to live.  I for one am focused first and foremost on my kids.  I’m concerned how this whole media circus effects kids, but my kids won’t be subjected to this garbage.  I plan on raising my kids better than that.  But I know that there are kids out there who don’t have parents who either know better or who care what they watch, read and listen to.  I’m concerned about those kids too.  They’re vulnerable.  They’re susceptible to these lies that you’re selling.  It’s like a drug to the mind, ear candy that holds no nutrition to grow and mature with.


For the Guys: 

Guys, don’t look up to Dogs like this.  I don’t wish to be mean to either Miley or Robin here…but their actions make them dogs on stage.  Don’t be a dog.  Treat women with respect that they deserve.  They aren’t objects.  They aren’t pieces of meat on display.  Don’t buy the lie that musciains like Mr. Thicke are selling.  We need more gentleman in this world.  We need guys who will step up and be role models, who will set a good example for others to follow.  Who won’t be led by their lusts.  Who will think with their brains instead of their pants.  It doesn’t take much to be dude or a dog…but it takes guts to be a gentleman.  Be modest.  It takes brains to act like a man…a real man.  Show some respect, and step up.

For the Girls:

Don’t just fall for the first guy you see.  Don’t be pressured to be someone you’re not or pressured into sexual activity prematurely.  Be modest.  Don’t buy the lie about what you should wear or how skinny you need to be. Or have any kind of body image issue because of what the entertainment industry is telling you.  Don’t be swayed by the dogs of this world.  Have some self-respect for yourself, some self-confidence…you are an important creation of God!  You were created individually unique so don’t let some guy tell you who you are or how you should act or live.


Step up to the plate.  Filter what your kids are watching.  Filter what your kids are listening to.  Have conversations about this stuff.  Be a parent, not a friend.  They are your kids, raise them right!  Proverbs 22:6 says: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

About my last article: https://scottstrissel.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/miley-you-make-me-sick/

It was initially called ‘Miley…you make me sick’ and I changed it to ‘Miley…please stop’.  Let me clarify, I’m not sick about people in general I’m sick of the actions of people.  Male or female, either and both.  I see celebrities and musicians who have so much potential and yet they settle for this ‘shock’ garbage…and it makes me sick.  I’m a parent of four kids, they’re my kids and my responsibility to raise and I won’t subject them to this junk.  I spoke rather harshly yesterday, I recognize that…it’s not place to judge but I am passionate about this for two reasons, 1) my kids and what media is trying to sell them, & 2) other kids, guys and girls who either don’t know better or have parents who don’t care enough or know enough to teach them right.  My issue isn’t solely with these two individuals that I named but, they are just at the forefront right now…the poster children, so to speak.

Sincerely, just another concerned Dad.

Miley…please stop!


I don’t mean to be rude or hurtful today, that’s not my intention. What I mean by that is this: Miley Cyrus…please stop! I think it’s safe to say that there are so many fathers out there shaking their heads in disgust. Is this what we want our daughters to become? You started out as a Disney star…kids looked up to you. I taught Sunday school and there were little girls who wore your Hannah Montana t-shirts. They wanted to not only meet you, they wanted to be you.


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not healthy to want to be someone else, but when you’re on a public stage in this world, people will listen to you. People, specifically kids, will want to look up to you as a role model…and right now the life you’re modeling on stage makes me sick. It not only comes across as a desperate ploy to maintain a certain status and lifestyle, but it also comes across as extremely derogatory to the entire female gender. I don’t mean to sound hurtful, but your actions will have consequences and those consequences, like a ripple effect on a pond will impact the lives of many young impressionable girls in our world.

I know some could argue; “it’s her life let her live it the way she wants to“…rightly so, but at the same time how you conduct yourself and act on a stage like you did recently at the VMA’s is deplorable, and simply lacks musical substance and craves for any kind of public attention.

In this over-sexualized world in which we live, we need less Miley sex-shock rock and more female role models who have more respective for themselves and for their bodies. We need women who will show young impressionable girls how to conduct themselves in public and have respect for themselves. How to make decisions based on not what guys view them as physically but what will nurture and help them grow. As a father who has a daughter in my house, I want more female role models who will display at least some measure of modesty. As a father who has a daughter in my house, you certainly don’t meet those requirements of the type of female role model I ever want my daughter to look up to.

Here’s some advice, stop trying to be someone you’re not. Stop shocking the world with your antics…it’s the same tired old routine tried by many, many starlets and artists and it never ends well. Look around you, it may be your life but there are people watching and looking up to you. Find some self-respect.

-Just a thought.

Now I like this woman…she totally makes a valid point:

transMission: New Offerings ‘We Believe’ (Music Review)


I wasn’t asked to give a review of this new offering of the band transMission by anyone, but I’ll give a review anyway.  transMission is a Praise/Christian band from Atlanta GA, through The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory’s Music Department, and its band members are also Salvation Army members.  transMission is inexplicably linked to The Salvation Army both in word and deed and their latest offering ‘We Believe’ truly strives to link music with doctrinal belief.  This may sound boring to some or too lofty of a project but taking one listen at their latest album one will hear the depth and breadth of what ‘we believe’ is all about.

It is a unique and very ambitious venture yet is consistent with the band’s ministry and mission. Never have I before heard a group put together an entire album based solely on doctrinal principles…and it works!  Their sound is unique to each song, and unlike some bands, transMission takes some musical/lyrical risk to present both gospel and personal conviction while maintaining the quality of praise/rock standards.

If you haven’t yet heard transMission, check out their website: http://transmission.virb.com/ and sample their latest offering on your web player or mobile device!  Here is the link for the ‘We Believe’ web player and list of songs too: http://transmission.virb.com/webelieve

Check them out, then support their ministry!

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