High Council: Day 2


From what everyone is saying in regards to the proceedings of the High Council presently things are moving rather swiftly.  The pace is faster than the 2011 High Council, which could mean that we will have a new General by the end of the week!  It doesn’t necessarily mean it WILL happen this way, but if the council continues to move at this pace our new General will be elected in a very short time frames.

Day 1:  the initial report of the first session can be found here:


Commissioner William Roberts, National Commander of the US was elected as president of the high council which means he will conduct the day to day proceedings and business of the High Council.  More will be added as the news come in and the daily report is given.

Here are also some photos from the first day at High Council: http://www.flickr.com//photos/salvationarmyihq/sets/72157634851189198/show/with/9393398571/

Also, if you have some time here is an interesting video and take of the High Council by Major Stephen Court:

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