Honest Questions…


What if I actually did as Jesus instructed?  What would that look like?  Would the world be better off because of it?  If I actually loved my enemy.  If I actually extended grace that extra mile.  If I actually opened my heart to the whosoever?  What would that look like?

What if I actually got serious about disciplining my thought processes?  The way that I think.  After all didn’t Jesus say that even if we think about adultery we’ve already committed it in our hearts?  What would it look like if I applied the Paul principles in my life?  If I pondered on all things true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy…(Philippians 4:8)?  What would come of thinking this way?  If I got rid of all the junk, filth, malice, hate and envy?  If I, like David, asked God instead to create in me a clean heart and to renew that right spirit within me (Ps 51)…how would I be different than I am now?

What if I got serious about holiness?  If I actually started listening to those promptings of the Holy Spirit to truly surrender all?  If I stopped holding onto to those darker portions of my heart.  If I stopped messing around thinking that there’s always time later to mature in this thing called ‘faith’.  How would this surrender take over my life?  Would I be truly transformed?  Would I be more confident?  Would I have more assurance of His grace in me?  What if His holiness became a priority instead of a temporary, on again off again passing phase?  What if I got serious and got disciplined in this faith?

What if I stopped talking all the time in my prayers and actually began to listen?  What would I hear Him say?  What is He saying right now?  Am I afraid of His words?  Am I dreading wrath or condemnation?  Have I been putting off these listening ears because I would rather ask Him for things instead of do what He wants of me?  And why don’t I spend more time studying His Word?  Why is it laborious for me to read a single chapter but I can spend hours in front of the TV, with my fiction books and surfing the web?  Am I afraid of what He might say to me regarding my other idle activities?  Would I be convicted too much?  I can justify it all away, I can say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ but never really mean the words that I say.

What if I was honest with myself…with Him?  What if…what if…what if.  Perhaps it’s time to stop asking ‘what ifs’ and starting asking why not now?  What am I waiting for?  Why am I stalling?  What are the reasons?  WHY NOT NOW?

-Just a few honest questions.

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