“Excuse me, you dropped your butt”

Its a famous scene in a commercial. A man has just finished his walk when his neighbor informs him that he dropped his butt. The neighbor is trying to give him his butt back but this, now healthy man, refuses to take his butt back. The message is simple. This man has worked hard to discard the excess weight. He refuses to put it back on. It is a part of his old way of living and now he has embraced a new way, a healthier way.

Quite simply, we are all called to this new way of living. Spiritually speaking, if we claim to have accepted Christ as Lord of our lives then the old has gone and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). We no longer need the old ways of life. We no longer crave the sins that weighed us down in our sinfulness and depravity. Jesus has reached down and lifted us up to a new and better way of living. We don’t need our butts anymore…ok, I admit that sounds funny. We no longer need that old way, that harmful, self-indulgent way any longer.

Yet the world and Satan himself wants us to pick it back up. They will tempt us to forget about this better way and to come back to where we once were, lost and blind to the sins in and around us. The world will try and convince us to take it back up again because without it we have lost our identity. Without it we are no longer whole. Without it we are simply not ourselves. But dear fellow believers, don’t buy the lie! Don’t give into those temptations of the old life any longer! Don’t let Satan convince you that you have lost your fun, your joy, your freedom, because the opposite is true…you have gained all of that with this new life in Christ Jesus!

So the next time Satan tries to convince you that you dropped something when you gave up your old life, don’t buy the lie! Remember the lengths in which Christ has taken to redeem you and has brought you safe, sound and whole into this new life!

-Just a thought for today!


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