God, Awaken Me! (Poem & Prayer)


Captivate my heart, O Lord,

Ransack and decimate my sins

shatter all of my dreams and hopes

if you were not invited too.

Banish my selfish, prideful heart

that wants only to be seen by others

hold hostage in me the un-surrendered

unwavering, unapologetic closets

that I have kept from your light.

Shake me into awakening

make me bleed so I can feel

Your love must hurt me deeply

before I can be restored. 

Melt away my apathy 

I’ve been far too numb to care 

tear down my idol worship 

of things and people and places 

Lord begin this in me today…

Violently awaken me

and allow me to drink from your

still waters and refreshing grace

I’ve been comatose for far too long

like a sleepwalker through life.

Tear away these scales from my eyes

allow me to finally see the world

in your blinding light.  

Shine on me and reveal how I really am.


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