After Midnight

When you drifted off to sleep the other night
I was wide awake.
I heard the deep melody of your breathing
and I was jealous.
My heart was still racing
still clanging around
trying to catch my thoughts
as they drove flatout
foot on the gas pedal.
so many what-ifs
and careening plotlines filled
the spaces between my ears
I can still hear your quiet snores
wishing I could join you there.
but it was not to be
too many thoughts
too many heartsick fears
all bottled up
longing to be let out of
their cages
so for ages
and ages
I just lay here
listening to you sleep.

God, Awaken Me! (Poem & Prayer)


Captivate my heart, O Lord,

Ransack and decimate my sins

shatter all of my dreams and hopes

if you were not invited too.

Banish my selfish, prideful heart

that wants only to be seen by others

hold hostage in me the un-surrendered

unwavering, unapologetic closets

that I have kept from your light.

Shake me into awakening

make me bleed so I can feel

Your love must hurt me deeply

before I can be restored. 

Melt away my apathy 

I’ve been far too numb to care 

tear down my idol worship 

of things and people and places 

Lord begin this in me today…

Violently awaken me

and allow me to drink from your

still waters and refreshing grace

I’ve been comatose for far too long

like a sleepwalker through life.

Tear away these scales from my eyes

allow me to finally see the world

in your blinding light.  

Shine on me and reveal how I really am.


Prayers before sleeping (poem)

Somewhere in the night
Dreams become elusive
Slipping past the fingers
Lingering only just out of reach.
We tame our tongues
With teas that help us sleep
And yet our minds race
Knocking down reason
Regardless of the seasons
We lay awake on our backs
Staring into the blackened sky.
If it were but a simpler life
Ah, but too simple these idle hands
Would ne’er be truly satisfied
Knowing apart is laying dormant
Would come full circle.
No! But in the darkness
In the creaks and groans
I find the break to pray
Silence beckons these lips
To utter and these ears
To listen…ever seeking
To become more in tune
With His still small voice
Even in such a sleepless night as this.

At night. (Poem)


When the evening closes its eyes

thrusting wearied souls into slumbering beds

blankets heaped and folded 

mending the creases of the day…

once again. 

Then as the symphonic crickets begin

and the bull frogs belching out another croak

take silence by the horns 

and speak deep into the night…

there is where we find this peace, 

when our efforts and our workings cease

we find this quiet solemn release.

In the night, blanketed in black

these stars, the lonely sojourners 

appear once again to welcome us back.

And we find our rest…but sometimes

true rest is in our finding…


Can’t wake up!

It is morning again and I find that my head is full of stuffing…its no fun waking up still groggy and head thumping away.   As I pour my first cup of thick black coffee I try to breathe deeply its fragrance, the earthy spell that weaves itself around me and knocks insistently at my still slumbering conscience with its wisps of spiraling steam and faint offering to the coffee gods.  

I am the slumbering zombie today, eyes vacant staring out into nowhere, slumping awkwardly in a chair trying to bring the coffee from hand to mouth…quick get the IV drip ready full of this coffee stuff because I fear I won’t make it to noon.  With far too much to do today and with my fuel of self and motivation running low…help?!  

Perhaps you have been where I am…I can’t seem to move faster than the speed of slow.  If I don’t post here later today…wait until tomorrow.  🙂   


Before waking

In the hours before waking

the fluttering of the eyes

the creaking home 

chattering into the darkness

speaking life into 

the deep exhales of slumber

somewhere a dog barks

a car travel weary passes in the street

the light has yet to kiss

the curtains and bend its

warming grace onto eyelids 

closed and distant. 

In the time before waking

before the dawn

we journey far

and hope in joyous 


Before the birth of dawn

Late last night

Under covers – down,

joined by the purring

At my feet

Acting out something

I cannot remember now

From fluttering eyelids and

Speech that sounds like snoring…

I swear I don’t snore 😉 .

Perhaps as the blood red

Alarm clock glowed,

And as ticks, sighs,

groans of our

Restless house

Wound itself into

The arms of early

morning.  The clouds

In the birthing

Room of another

Brood of sunrise

Yet just before

The final ‘push’,

The last cry of

Nightfall’s curtain


Of miles away bursting

Through the Rockies

Days before its

Winter’s lips

Kissed frosted earth

Bending spruce and ferns

Into a deep embrace

Only to pick up again

Skirting the Black hills

And Lincoln’s chin

Rushing on down

towards the mighty

Mississippi, as ice bergs

Smaller than those that

took down the titanic

Weave their way into

The heart’s arteries of


As it touches down once

again, the mighty river

ebbs to the beckoning call…

back in our home

still sorting out visions

with eyes clasp shut

It rushes down onto our

our creaking home…

Its winter’s clutch

testing storm windows

pushing at the screen door

somewhere deep inside


Dorothy Gale tries to click her

heels, as Toto barks on…

it happens quickly,

yet Oz doesn’t come into


the birthing room announces

another fire branded day

is here…both Lincoln’s chin

and the mighty Mississippi

breathes collective sighs of relief

as the cries of a new born day


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