More Musings on Misheard Christmas Songs:

Christmas is a spectacular time of year! There should be plenty of cheer to go around, yet all too often people get bent out of shape, stressed out and generally miss the whole meaning of Christmas. In order to lighten the mood, allow me once again to expound on some often misunderstood Christmas song lyrics. These are not my own, but rather from other people who have reported these along the years:


Good King Wencelas’ car backed out on a piece of Steven.”
Who knew that Good King Wencelas even had an automobile! The song doesn’t say if he was drive a fuel efficient vehicle or if it was an SUV, but the dude needs to check his mirrors and check them twice. Poor Steven, I hope he had good medical insurance to cover the repairs on the “piece” that got run over! One thing I do know, that if this happened in our day and age Good king Wencelas would certainly be sued and probably would lose his crown in the process. Perhaps next time he will just have one of his loyal subjects drive him instead…that is if he has any loyal subjects left after the dust settles on the legal suit!

I kid you not, nothing irritates me more (in real life) than drivers who either aren’t paying attention or are simply inconsiderate to other people. I have to calm myself down when I see drivers who are holding their cell phones in front of them while they are attempting to drive. I will admit from time to time checking my status at a red light, but seriously while driving in heavy traffic around town (or anywhere for that matter) – not cool! Hopefully Good King Wencelas wasn’t on his cell phone poor Steven got run over.

We three kings of porridge and tar…

Seriously, does the Quaker Oatmeal company know about this porridge and the secret ingredient “tar”? I imagine the three kings running out of supplies on their long journey. It’s hot, the camels are crabby, and so they stop to park their camels, they whip out these pots and pans and a big box of porridge and tar. YUM! talk about a substance that literally sticks around. There beside the fire the acrid smell of burning pitch and oats pollute the air with its stench, but it’s apparently a meal fit for a king. 😉

Oh the joys of Christmas, and yule tide cheer…you have to enjoy while it lasts! Christmas can be really special if you slow down long enough to laugh a little bit and take in the true meaning of the season. Maybe watch some Christmas movies to help, go caroling with a church group, make some Christmas cookies (by the way send me some if you do!).


In closing I’m reminded of the misheard lyric from “Silent Night” in which the child boldly sings the last refrain:
“Sleep in heavenly peas…” See, perhaps Veggie Tales hasn’t cornered the market on french peas…there’s a heavenly place filled with peas to prove it.

Until next time….

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