How Many Saviors? (A Poem)


How many Saviors does it take to save

A world hell bent on a fiery grave?

Sin-sick hearts and lonely souls

how many Saviors to make us whole?


How many Saviors will make us all free

without a cost, without a fee?

Is there a self-less Messiah around

who will love us, the lost and the found?


How many Saviors could love us that much

to redeem us from the certainly of death’s cold dark clutch?

Or die for our sins and claim our transgressions?

A God-man who hears our every confession. 


The answer is One, One Lord of the Light 

who redeems us and loves us and restores our dim sight

who comes as a babe and dies like a lamb

Resurrection is here, He is the Great I AM.


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