“GPS Jesus”




I read today that a church was having problems with Jesus.  Okay, their problem wasn’t so much Jesus, as much as someone stealing Him from their nativity display on the front lawn of their church building.  


People have been stealing Jesus?  Say what?  I find this kind of theft interesting.  It’s as interesting as getting reports from church parishioners that someone has stolen a pew bible. If they’re stealing bibles or even Jesus, I say steal away!  There’s no better way of sharing the good news than to have Jesus staring at you as you run from a church parking lot.

But this church didn’t just leave the good news in the hands in the robbers and vandalizers, oh no, they are allowing others to share in the joy should they so choose to “borrow” Jesus from the nativity set.  They have placed a GPS tracker in Jesus…now they know where Jesus is at all times!  


I think the disciples felt like doing this from time to time if they had possessed GPS technology.  I’m sure they would have wanted to have dropped a tracker in His robe pocket so they would know where He was.  

Do you know where Jesus is?  If you have seen Him, or if you know where He can be located…Keep Him! That’s right, keep Jesus.  

I don’t want to make light of Jesus and our relationship with Him.  Keep Christ in your heart always and never leave Him!  He will always be with you, He even promised that to us!  We don’t need a GPS tracker to find Him, because He is right beside us each step of the way in our lives.  Let Him love you, and if you haven’t already love Him in return, this makes life truly worth living!

-Just a thought.

News Source:  http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/24277120/churches-using-gps-to-keep-track-of-baby-jesus#axzz2o4PIuUzG

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