Perspectives – by Stephen Court


We have all messed up in various ways; we have all fallen short of the target; we have all disobeyed God. We have all sinned.

Our sins separate us from God and from the abundant life for which He created us.

The Lord Jesus Christ – God in the flesh – came down to earth, lived a perfect life, suffered the consequences we all, by our sinning, deserve, dying on the Cross for our sins. But He came back to life again, conquering sin and death, defeating the devil, ascending to heaven, interceding for us right now, and planning to come back again.

He says each of us, ‘Come, follow Me.” This is both the most spectacular invitation in the history of the world and the most elementary command, coming as it does, from the Creator of the Universe. And our response to this invitation / command will determine our destiny.

Rejection in any form – choosing to continue in our own direction – will lead us to our own destination, hell. Acceptance will bring forgiveness, regeneration, hope, purpose, love, acceptance, and eternal life in heaven.

How do we obey that command? Jesus clarifies, “Repent and believe.” That is, change our minds and our direction, turning from our sins, and trusting and relying on Him.

What does it look like to accept His invitation into His life? It is an amazing adventure in the supernatural as we die to ourselves and our petty little issues and, filled with His Holy Spirit, engage in His mission that runs through the agony of the world.

We are looking to win the world for Jesus.

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Stephen Court loves Jesus and is fighting as a Salvation Army officer to win the world for Jesus along with his family, comrade soldiers at the Crossroads Corps in Edmonton (Canada) and more than a million other Salvationists worldwide. You can catch him at, StephenCourt (twitter), and Scott’s friend list on Facebook.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of “Perspectives” featuring writer and author Bob Hostetler.

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