Dear Salvation Army – The Blood and Fire!

For those unfamiliar with this phrase, let me clarify:

The Blood – 
Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is not glamorous.  He bled and died for our sins and for the sins of the “whosoever”.  His blood covers our iniquity, our sinfulness, our fallen selves.  The blood of Christ provides a way for us to stand before God because Christ has redeemed us and reconciled us to Him.   

The Fire – 
The Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples of Jesus as they waited and prayed.  His Holy Spirit provides us direction, insight, inspiration and guidance.  It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that prods us to live sacramental holy lives.  It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that requires more of us…more than we ever thought possible…more than we ever knew could exist within us.  It is the fire of the Holy Spirit which demands us to surrender everything, to lay down our lives as a living sacrifice so that we can get back up and serve the Risen Savior and do it with every fiber of our beings.  


Dear Salvation Army
how are you living Blood and Fire today?  
I don’t mean wearing the uniform and hoisting and waving the flag, for these are simply outward expressions of that inward change…but how are you truly living ‘Blood and Fire’ in your communities and to ‘the whosoever’?  

To the Blood and Fire Salvationists – You keep up the fight!  Keep waging this war, keep fighting in Jesus’ name for those who are still blinded and lost in sin.  Keep pressing onward.  Do not quit…we need you!  Do it all in love, be love and grace and compassion to people who have never felt the kindness and grace of Christ.  Be reflections of Christ in not only word but most importantly deed, because eyes can perceive far faster than ears can understand.  Continue to be that witness not only in your corps’ and homes but in the streets and in the parks and in the schools.  We must not allow that fire to dwindle or burn out.  Satan would love nothing more than for this army to become weary and ill-equipped and bogged down by the drudgery of it all.  Dear Salvation Army, the World still needs you!  The world still needs fighters and soldiers and officers and volunteers to administer God’s grace and hope.  The world still needs YOU!  

To the Weary Tired Salvationist Who Is Ready To Quit  – DO NOT!
There are times when people will fail us.  There will be times when even leadership may succumb to the ravages of this war, for whatever reason, but do not quit.  We need you!  You may be tired.  You may be burned out by seemingly stodgy politics and meaningless banter.  You might have witnessed professions of Christ yet seen little evidence of Christ in others, but do not become disillusioned and walk away!  You are vital!  You are needed!   I have walked that tired and heavy burdened trail.  Many a time I have considered leaving as well.  Many a time I imagine a far simpler life…in fact that “many a time” is very, very recent for me.  I still walk with these burdens and my heart is not yet healed…but I know the Lord will provide!  Stay the course, rest, but fight on!  

To the “Soldier” Only By Rank Or Name…
If you have no passion to live “Blood and Fire”…if you only acknowledge Jesus with your lips but do not serve Him in your hearts consider these words – Either fall on your face at the Altar and pray for forgiveness and seek His healing in your life or Step Away from the front lines!  The world has seen its fair share of falsehoods and phonies, it can sense insincerity and half-truths.  There are already vipers in the grass, do not become another for other soldiers and would be soldiers.  I only use these harsh terms to indicate that this is no game.  This is life and death to souls of men and women everywhere and the business and ministry of Christ is not to be trifled with.  I hope and pray there are very, very few remaining of the mere “Solider” by title alone.  I am also confident that in time the Holy Spirit will reveal those who must be removed from our ranks or reconciled (if possible) those who are not living Blood and Fire.


army1Dear Salvation Army – It is not just a flag that we wave, it is freedom, redemption, grace, peace, hope and love to many who have understood or received this unmerited gift.  Continue to live Blood and Fire!  Continue to declare God’s redemptive love to all who will hear.  Be His holy hands, provide His holiness in both word and deed to this world around us.  

To God be the Glory!  
More for our Salvation Army to ponder today!   


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