We found Rest and Relaxation at Serenity Falls…you should too!


This isn’t some infomercial, or advertisement.
Pastors, business people and tired families all need to find a place to rest, recuperate and relax.  We all need a holiday, a vacation from the hustle and bustle of the world around us.  A place to reconnect with our spouses, our children and with that good book you’ve been meaning to finish.

We found that place this week while on vacation.  We had never been to North Carolina and so we wanted to see the Smokey Mountains and had heard about Lake Lure and Chimney Rock.  They have filmed movies here like Firestarter, Last of the Mohicans and Dirty Dancing.

We booked this cabin – Serenity Falls and let me just say “wow“!  The drive coming to the cabin was long and curvy.  There were some interesting views in the mountains, some unique people, yet after driving up the steep drive to the cabin and unloading our belongings we could finally step back and see the majestic views all around us.  This is a secluded piece of heaven.  It is quiet, serene and ideal for large families or for a couple looking to get away.  

As a pastor, ministry to others is important, yet if I never find the time to get away and recharge I will burn out and be useless to those I have been called to serve and love.  If you’re a pastor or in the ministry or just a person in need of some peace and quiet why don’t you check out Serenity Falls.  It is so worth it!  They have all of the modern features a home could have and more.  It’s tranquil, and you will find rest here!  The really nice thing is that you are minutes away from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock which are really interesting scenic places to visit.  There is also the massive Biltmore Estate which is a historic estate chalk full of leisurely activities and tours.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Serenity Falls that I took (there are also some on the website which I hyper-linked here), I can’t say enough how nice a time we had here resting and relaxing…we could seriously stay a lot longer!  

We felt welcome as soon as we drove up!
We felt welcome as soon as we drove up!
This is the amazing playground that my kids played on for hours while I lounged on the back porch.
This is the amazing playground that my kids played on for hours while I lounged on the back porch.

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