The Salvation Army In Ten Years…

More Questions Than Answers:
I do not wish to get all philosophical or be someone who always looks to the future while missing out on the present, but what does the future hold for our Army?   Where are we heading?  Are there doctrinal shifts occurring?  Which countries will be be opening the work in next?  Will Holiness continue to be emphasized throughout the Army world?  (Lets hope so!) Will we see a revival within our Army?  

I pray for our Army as I know many of you do as well.  
This is more of a dialogue blog and I would like to ask you a few questions here and I hope that you respond:

Questions for you the reader:
What would you like to see within the Army in the next ten years?
What area of improvements do you see the Army tackling?
What area does not need improvement?
How can you help your corps succeed in the ministry and evangelism of Jesus Christ?
What one thing is still lacking in your corps that needs attention? 
What are you praying earnestly for within the realm of The Salvation Army?

I know that the Lord has placed this Army here on this earth and if we continue to be faithful to His leading He will not only sustain us for the journey ahead but He will continue to shine His blessings upon us.

Let’s continue this conversation together – Please respond below:


10 thoughts on “The Salvation Army In Ten Years…

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  1. Like many others in the more ‘Western’ parts of the Army world, I long to see genuine revival, conversions and spiritual growth – so that’s what I’m praying about. In our territory (Southern Africa) I’d like to see more wisdom in the spending of resources, less attraction to worldliness and a renewal of great Bible Teaching. I believe (and hope) that we will maintain and strengthen our emphasis on holiness but I also anticipate some shifting sands in the area of same-sex marriage.

  2. In UKT we are very fortunate to have a “Fit For Mission” team working on just these sorts of issues, and actually implementing the findings. Maybe its a pattern for other territories.

  3. Our Corps is small and ageing in its membership. Prayers are said for a revival in the youth and children of our town. We try our best in service. We put our trust in the Lord. We pray that the Holy Spirit will fall anew and we are able to bring families to Christ. My fear is that in ten years time there will be no witness for Christ by the Salvation Armybin my home town. Please pray for all Corps around the world that the message of the lovevof Christ for each one of us is recognised by those who are lost

  4. I would like us to get back to basics. A revival of outdoor ministry. A true identity. More presence in the local community. I street pastor which is very similar to pub booming which we no longer do. I see organisations and churches doing things we started but have stopped. I would like an army on fire for a God not afraid to stand up for what we believe even if it’s not popular.

  5. At CFOT, I wrote a paper that I never saw again (it was for evaluation purposes to see if I needed a remedial writing class) about my great fear of a secularizing Army. One of the topics I mentioned was how the concept of God being the reason for our mission was taken out of our “branding slogan” in the United States. “Heart to God, Hand to Man” perfectly summed up what I had understood our Army to be from the time I was a young kid. “Doing the Most Good” is a fragment of a good quote, but it’s a quote that doesn’t even mention God. I have also seen other places where pieces of our mission statement are quoted officially without the God references, such as Facebook and/or Twitter accounts for some element of The Salvation Army that simply says, “Meeting human needs without discrimination.” Where’s the “in His Name” part? And even if that was in there, where would the reference to who “He” is be? I think we are in a time of identity crisis, and I think it’s high time that we the people of The Salvation Army make a decision about who, ultimately, we are. Just by looking at the length of this comment, I think I might have a lot of things to say on this. I may even write my own post in response.

  6. I live in the City of Malmö, Sweden. There are 2 Corps in the City. The attendance at Sunday Worship services in not great, being around 20 people at both Corps. The one Corps is composed almost entirely of elderly soldiers, from my age (76) and upward. Neither Corps has any young people’s groups. We do NOT have any open air meetings at either Corps. This reminds me of the words of our Founder, William Booth when he said: “No sort of defense is needed for preaching outdoors, but it would take a very strong argument to prove that a man who has never preached beyond the walls of his meetinghouse has done his duty. A defense is required for services within buildings
    rather than for worship outside of them.” The Corps have no Brass Band or Songsters, or for that matter Corps Cadets. The absence of young people – the very ones that will carry on the work – is silence! In this City there are other Churches that are engaged in what is termed “Street Church”, but no Salvation Army engagement. In the Swedish Territory there is no longer any Music Department nor is there a TMD, no Divisional structure. All this due to financial considerations. Church attendance in Sweden is going down the tubes not just for the Army, but for all Churches. At my age, having terminal cancer with a prognosis of 1 to 2 years to live, I have started a project to start a young people’s Brass Band. I haven’t played the baritone for over 50 years, but I have started practicing once again, I wish to get back the skills I once had and with God’s help I will succeed. I believe I am doing what God wants me to do, but starting a young people’s Brass Band and through that getting many more people saved and becoming soldiers. My prayer is: “Send the Fire!”

    1. Wow Leonard. I am both saddened and encouraged by your story. My perception was that the Army is declining in this territory (Southern Africa) but doing well in many others – I see we’re definitely not alone in our struggles. Praying for you today!

  7. The Army suffers the same issues, at least in the US, of other old-line denominations, namely that it has not successfully adapted as the culture has changed.
    I did not say just then that the Mission nor the Message should be compromised. The World for Christ! That is the imperative.
    I see social media posts about many exciting things gong on on Corps, and posts about successful social needs outreach, but very little mention of the holiness message and those lining the Mercy Seat in deference to Christ having forsaken the world and its baggage.
    I think the Founders, and all of the early Salvationists, would be disappointed in what the Army is now. The is a need for another Darkest England, and a Way Out.
    send the Fire indeed.

  8. I have been a full time volunteer for Gods Army since graduating from the Salt Lake City ARP IN 1997, and am now a Chaplain in the ARC, I do not say that to impress no one! It’s that whether you have 1 hour a day. Or 10 hours a day the Army needs you to help those in need. I pray that we do have a revival because it’s what we need now not tomorrow! Our society is hurting!! I just attended a round table with the Mayor of the city, the topic being how can the faith based communities come together with the recovery community? Well I believe TSA has overcome this barrier because we are a Church which happens to run a rehabilitation center! We are not a rehab with a church in it! Therefore a revival would allows us to show the work Gods is g doing in TSA!! God Bless all!!

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