Saturday Musings…in an airport. (I’m looking up)

I am sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight. There is a cup of hot steaming coffee next to me still too hot to drink. It is my vice, my friend.

As I sit in these delta blue pleather seats surrounded by other travelers currently, temporarily displaced and homeless until they make that connecting flight, I feel like I am in limbo. I don’t just mean this airport. Perhaps that stimulates these rambling thoughts in me now. Other travelers seem unperturbed by this. They have white plastic earphones in, blank stares on tired faces attempting to tune out the world around them. We are a curious bunch…simply waiting here.

Souls connect like this all too often. Close enough to touch, within arms reach and yet a million miles from a smile. Isn’t that kind of how our world is evolving? So close that we are too close…and so we put earphones in our ears in order to drown out the thought that others can see will see who we really are. We are close and yet we don’t want to be close. We are all traveling in the same direction and yet we attempt to ignore those around us all the while pretending to make ourselves busy with papers and tablets and anything else.

We are alone in our consuming lives with dour stares and tired eyes. Is this what we have become? Is this what we wanted to become? I say no. I say look up. I say engage people around us.

This is me attempting to re-engage myself.
This is me attempting to unplug my device and plug myself into the real world with real people again.
This is me waking up to the call for passion, compassion and genuine care for others around me.
This is me realizing that I can’t simply ignore the world that is crashing around me anymore…is this you too?

I’m taking my white earphones out.
I’m looking up.
Can you see the smile on my face?
Can you see these revitalized eyes?


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