Dear Salvation Army – OneArmy…Is it possible?

One Army, one mission, one message,
One Saviour and Lord of all;
An Army with purpose and passion,
We are united to answer his call.
An Army following Christ together,
Reaching the lost with his love;
One Army, one mission, one message
For the world
-(Commissioners Robert Street and Dick Krommenhoek)

In an ever progressing world that is often full of strive, turbulence and pain…can we be One Army?

In a world where outbreaks of Ebola, AIDS and other horrifying diseases plague men, women and children…can we be One Army?

What is our Mission?

What is our Message?

I know our Salvation Army leaders including General Bond have already clearly articulated the answers to the above questions.  They are:


ONE ARMY: We see a God-raised, Spirit-filled Army for the 21st century – convinced of our calling, moving forward together

We will…

  • deepen our spiritual life
  • unite in prayer
  • identify and develop leaders
  • increase self-support and self-denial

ONE MISSION: Into the world of the hurting, broken, lonely, dispossessed and lost, reaching them in love by all means

We will…

  • emphasise our integrated ministry
  • reach and involve youth and children
  • stand for and serve the marginalised
  • encourage innovation in mission

ONE MESSAGE: With the transforming message of Jesus, bringing freedom, hope and life

We will…

  • communicate Christ unashamedly
  • reaffirm our belief in transformation
  • evangelise and disciple effectively
  • provide quality teaching resources
    (Source: OneArmy)

Two Questions To Ponder:

2. Who is “WE”? 
It is you, it is me, it is every Soldier around the world who is willing to wage war against sin and darkness.  We MUST become One.  We cannot fight independently because our Mission is too great to wage solo missions.  We are called by God to proclaim His name to the whosoever and often times those we reach out to are despondent, hurting, lost, poor, wretched and marginalized by society.  This battle is tough.  “Army” life is not “cushy” or comfortable.  We serve a purpose and we cannot afford to hunker down in corps buildings babbling about the glory days while we do nothing…that is a vision lost!  Our call…you and me – “WE” are One Army and we must begin to act like it if we are to progress and transform lives!

one army

1. Are we encouraging “Innovation in Mission”?

What does innovation in mission look like?
Is this universal or regional?
Can we possess varying missions in various places around the world and still maintain “OneArmy”?

Secondly, are we truly willing to risk A LOT in order to accomplish our Mission?
Innovation in any organization, movement or church will cause initial turbulence and occasional upheaval.  Innovation requires that pesky element called “Change” and often time most of the time people (in general) do not like change.  One Army calls its soldiers and officers to become more innovative in our mission.  We must grow, adapt, and multiply.  Discipleship making is vital in our army.  We cannot accomplish our mission without forces on the ground.  We cannot win souls if no one is willing to step out and say “here I am, Lord send me!”   Discipleship is a fundamental calling to all of Christ-followers including Salvationists.  We just fancy our disciples to become additional soldiers in our army and wear the uniform along side us.  But are we truly prepared to make disciples and salvationists?

We are individuals, uniquely created by God and yet we are also called to work together to accomplish this great commission here on earth.  Becoming more missionally minded will force us to adapt, change and become pioneers and innovators in this army.

The Salvation Army needs YOU!
The Salvation Army needs Me!
Without individuals who are willing to throw caution to the wind, to push and strain not only relevancy but sincere, godly holy living as men and women of the Most High.  We cannot settle for what we have accomplished in the past to get us through to tomorrow.  We cannot rest and relax when still so many marginalized in our world suffer under so many oppressive elements.

Innovation can and will take on numerous forms, and as William Booth once said to Bramwell – “Do something!”
We must do something!
Do the impossible.
Dream for those who cannot dream because life’s nightmares have deprived them of dreams.
Fight for those who are suffering, those who are poor, those who are unrepresented and misunderstood.
Put away the judgments and the scorn and the cynicism and pray for better attitudes and eyes that see others the way that Christ see them.  We MUST become One Army.

-For divided we will fall.
-Divided we will fail.
-Divided sin claims victory and victims continue to live in physical and spiritual hells.

Dear Salvation Army…One Army is NOT a Dream!
One Army is possible.
One Army is relevant in our present state of things within and without the Army.
One Army is nothing without holy men and women willing to fight side by side for a purpose higher than any one person.  It is this continuation of the great commission that is at the forefront of our Army’s mission and purpose.

Are we ready to take this stand?
Good!  Then it begins on our knees before the Father who is the only One who can make the impossible possible in our efforts.  It is no good to simply add more uniforms to our Army unless we do so with holy intent and a willingness to be transformed completely by the Holy Spirit.  It is no good to simply come to services and pretend to buy into the holy mission but in our hearts we have not yet allowed God full access of our heart and lives in a full surrender.

Dear Salvation Army, One Army – One Mission – One Message IS POSSIBLE…but it MUST, MUST, MUST begin on our knees as we anxiously await the Holy Spirit’s leading and prodding.

-Just something more for our Army world to ponder today.
To God be the glory!


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  1. The Salvation Army is definitely an organization, probably even a movement. But the church claim is in doubt. It seems like a corporation to me, desperately in need of a heart transplant, then cross-fertilization with the Body of Christ.

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