Perspectives Day #4 Featuring Major Stephen Court

“Can DisCo Save The World?”
by Major Stephen Court

“There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you.”
Kool and the Gang, 1980

The 70s were a little ahead of my time. The earliest Disco hit I remember was 1980 song CELEBRATION.

Disco had a massive impact on western culture.

With the monotony of routine church life, many Christians could use a splash of the party atmosphere Kool and the Gang celebrates.

When western Christianity escapes the temptations of spiritual consumerism and church buffet a different kind of DISCO can save the world.

Our DISCO stands for discipleship covenant.

These DISCO groups are sprouting in different spots in many cities around the salvosphere as soldiers and recruits join together to support each other in the salvation war. ‘So bring your good times, and your laughter here.’

Covenant is a serious thing. And we don’t want to tie people up unnecessarily. So DISCO participants commit for a short period of time – normally one to three months – to hold each other accountable for certain things. The novel wrinkle in this discipleship exercise is that each member of the groups determines the things for which s/he wants to be held accountable.

That is, there isn’t some uniform standard imposed on everyone. So a group can contain a brand new convert and a long-time follower of Jesus, as each person is vulnerable and accountable for certain activities and practices for the committed time. Everyone advances at your own pace, from your own status quo.

So, one person might want to be held accountable to fast two days/week and do a silent retreat once a month while another member might need help to do rations every day, exercise a few times/week, and read a good book during the DISCO.

And everyone benefits. Members pray for each other, support each other, and help each other. ‘We’re gonna celebrate your party with you.’

DISCO works best face-to-face. But it is also proven to work online. And it normally happens with the same gender.

The thing is, a good DISCO, though it may last only 90 days, will change the lives of its participants. It’s ‘a celebration to last throughout the years.’

And as those participants spin off DISCO after DISCO in corps after corps and city after city and territory after territory, we can legitimately ask, Can DISCO save the world?

And I think you know our answer.

Here’s a generic example:

To align ourselves with the heart and purposes of the Lord Jesus Christ, to prepare for the plans He has, and to optimize the opportunities He is presenting us, we are committing to the following disciplines over the next month:

On a daily basis to:
Seek His will in our decision-making and then be accountable to each other for the action based on that will;
Make myself available to help the other fulfill God’s will in his life;

On a weekly basis:
To witness/evangelise in a continuing manner as best as I can;
To intentionally seek evangelistic opportunities;
To intentionally encourage others at our Corps;
To pray for the burdens and trials each of us is experiencing in an extraordinary manner;
To participate in worship and discipleship;
To be able to encourage each other in a firm and loving manner, to grow in grace, and to extend our Kingdom impact;
To encourage and keep each other accountable in living holy lives;

Bobby’s specifics:
To disciple ______ (including rations; memory work; evangelism; sometimes worship).
To do ____ of rations daily.
To memorise _____ of Scripture each week.
To evangelise each week.
To exercise XX/week.
To go avoid porn sites / magazines.
To treat women like my kid sister.
To avoid being alone with a female.
To avoid being alone with someone who is still using.
To volunteer at the corps XX/week.

Signed: ___________ date: _____

Bart’s specifics:
To do daily family devotions.
To read XX chapters of the Bible daily.
To do daily chores.
To tithe my pay cheque to God on Sundays.
To read one Christian book this month (one we agree on).
To attend my brigade each week (and call the other members in between)
To prayerfully consider soldiership.

Signed: ___________ date: ______

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