Perspectives Day #5 Featuring Commissioner Harry Read

HarryMany within the realms of Facebook and other social media sites have been blessed and encouraged in reading poems and thoughts by Commissioner Harry Read.  He also has written books and here are a few of them: Books by Harry Read
To read more about Commissioner Read also check out this interview link:  JAC Interview

Without further adieu allow me to introduce two encouraging and thought provoking poems by Commissioner Harry Read:
heart talk


The heart of God is wounded by the lost,
Not just because his chosen way they scorn
Or that his love towards them has been tossed
Aside, as though of worth and meaning shorn.

Their lost-ness he can never disregard,
Their waywardness and sin to him are pain,
And should they find life easy or too hard
He yearns and yearns to have them back again.

He is a Father-God with Shepherd heart
Who, through his Spirit searches for his own.
From his own erring lambs he will not part;
He wants us all around his heavenly throne.

Our Shepherd God is searching everywhere
To bring his flock within his loving care.

Matthew 18: 10-14
The parable of the lost sheep.

With every blessing,




O LORD, We pray for those who suffer for your name,
Who walk the path of persecution, stress and pain.
Deliver them from doubt, let hope within them flame
And use them, Lord, let not their trial be in vain
And, through their faith-full fortitude, your love proclaim.

Matthew 5: 10-12
“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness…”.

With every blessing,

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