Temptation (A Poem)

I will refrain from playing these melodies
for in them I find disjunct, discord…
Its tune resounds loudly,
far too proudly,
resolutely profound.
I will refrain from playing these melodies,
though this heart bends to its lure…
it is the knocking on the door
but deeply wrong to the core…
A sigh from maudlin groans,
yet I cannot play these melodies
for all too soon
they will play me
swaying me like autumn winds
through bowing trees…
and I will be swept from this identity
crushed down,
torn apart,
stabbed in the heart
by riffs and these temptress notes.
So I slam this door,
board it up.
lock it down tight…
and walk away
pretending not to hear
its deceitful strain.

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