Dear Salvation Army, “Raised by the Corps”

Dear Salvation Army, 
You have a purpose and reason to exist.  Don’t ever forget that!
You will never be a mega-church, nor truly ever fit the “church” model…we are more than that.
We serve within brokenness.  There are countless families, children and people who come to us bent and broken by life and sin.  We cannot shirk these responsibilities.  It is like a Lighthouse to many.  Turn off the light and the jagged rocks will capture these souls.  Do not let your lights go out!  Do not take these great responsibilities to the bent and broken for granted!
Christian Orphans…
It’s not so much a physical orphan than it is a spiritual one.  Many parents drop their children off or have them picked up by the Army van on Sundays or for certain programs in the week.  These Christian orphans do not have a rich soil of faith at home and are left to figure out this relationship with Christ on their own…but are the corps raising them up to be strong children of faith?  What an amazing opportunity we have with these young people!

I have heard many of these such stories.  Even my Grandmother came to the Army and was raised by the Corps in her faith.  I would imagine many out there who are reading this can relate, either by having taught a Sunday school class to such children or having been an orphan Christian.

soldiers5Dear Corps…
Never stop teaching these children!  You might be the only light of Christ that they experience in this world.
It might become burdensome to pick them up every Sunday.  It might grind against you that their parents show absolutely no interest in the spiritual nourishment of their children…but don’t give up on the child!  Keep feeding them breakfast on Sundays.  Keep teaching them the principles of this faith.  Keep striving to improve their daily lives.  Don’t give up!  What an awesome responsibility for not only the future of this Army, but the future Saints of the next generation!  The seeds you plant, or water now could blossom and grow into a future leader or preacher of the gospel.  Take this seriously!  Heed these words:  What you do with the young people who come into your corps MATTERS!

“[Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
-Jim Henson.

Be something that these future saints will aspire to!
Be their hope!
Be consistent in your faith!
Be the evidence of Christ’s love for their lives!

Dear Salvation Army,
What a great honor and power you wield in the formation of these priceless children of God!
Keep on keeping on…and don’t you ever quit on them!

Something more for our Army world to ponder today!

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