Dear Salvation Army, Forget About The Fanfare!


Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ -Matthew 25:40

Dear Soldier of this army…
It doesn’t really matter if your “15 seconds” of fame only lasts for 5 seconds.
It doesn’t really matter if your community doesn’t truly appreciate you for all the good that you do.
newsIt doesn’t really matter if none of the “important people” ever take notice.
It doesn’t really matter if your work within this mission is overshadowed by someone else’s work and they seem to get all of the glory.

So what DOES matter you ask? 

Here is what matters: 
serveDo everything without grumbling or arguing…” Philippians 2:14
Allow the bitterness and jealousy that can creep into our hears unannounced to leave the way it came in.
Tell that bitterness that it has no place in a Soldier of God!
When we work “for God” with a chip on our shoulders and we think that everyone owes us something we will eventually realize that we haven’t been working for God at all but for the glory that we think we should get.

NEWS FLASH – The work that “we” do has never been about us, it is about Christ’s redemptive love and how it can transform lives in others.  We are simply humble servants…who often forget what it means to be humble.  Sometimes power (or perceived power) can go to our heads.  Sometimes we forget who it is we serve and how we are to love even if there is no fanfare or earthly incentive.

Dear Salvation Army, 
Dear Salvation Soldier…
So what if no one sees you doing the work that you’ve been called to do.
So what if all that you do for the kingdom is unseen.
So what if no one ever truly thanks you or appreciates you.
We aren’t in the people pleasing business.
We aren’t in it for the glory of ourselves…and if we are we might wish to reconsider our motives within this mission.

Is this a common struggle amongst our ranks?
Perhaps it’s never spoken but deep down we resent the lack of accolades.
Perhaps sometimes we go home after a long and weary day and feel as if no one even cares.

What matters more to us? –
People’s praises of our deeds?
God’s rewards and praises of our faithfulness?

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Forget about the public notoriety.
Forget about fretting whether you are in someone’s “good” graces.
Forget about pleasing people while forgetting to help those in need.
Do everything that you do (even/most importantly behind the scenes) ALL for the glory of God!

Something more for our Army to ponder today!
To God be the glory!

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