“The Lord Will Provide” Do you Really Believe it?

We use this phrase from time to time.
It is sometimes used as a blanket statement to instill hope.
We often cling to it in to times of trouble – “The Lord Will Provide!”
This phrase might be uttered from our lips in the direction of someone who is hurting, in dire straights or a person whose problems seem insurmountable – “Well, the Lord will provide!”…

meanI wonder sometimes if we truly mean what we say.   And what if we say those words with a half-heart and the Lord doesn’t provide for that person…could they end up blaming God, faith for their hurt?  What if we say those words and nothing happens?  What kind of testimony do we present to the world through half-hearted comments and insincerity of faith?  Are we doing more damage than good with our niceties and generalities?

These words seem to flow from our tongues very easily, almost as easily as the age old response of “I will pray for you”.  So, let me ask you (and me), does this phrase carry any weight?

What does it mean?  When we utter “The Lord will provide” do we infer with others who are enduring hardship that perhaps they should pray a little harder?  Is it said with a hint of apathy?  OR is there a heart-felt sincerity laced within our response?

I’m not saying this phrase isn’t true.  happen
I have seen the provisions of God.
I have witnessed miracles take place in people’s lives.
I know He IS there for you and for me.

But, as a follower of Christ, as God’s chosen people, perhaps we must recognize the weight of the words that we say.  There IS significance, there IS meaning behind our utterances and yepcliche’ “Christianese” phrases.  The big problem is that these phrases can lose their significance and meaning if we simply overuse them without thought or true heartfelt faith.  Anything can become routine or ritual – devoid of meaning if faith and belief are not sincere and present in them.  This is ESPECIALLY true of our words!

Questions to Ponder: 
What are my motives when consoling one who needs my support?
How can I avoid insincerity and polished phrases devoid of meaning?
Do I truly believe that the Lord will provide?
What kind of evidence is there of my claims?

Lord, renew me today.
I desire to be Yours and yours alone!
Teach me to walk in Your ways even when the going is tough.
Help me to have faith in the midst of uncertainty and fear.
Help me to be Your light in my corner of the world today.
May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord my strength and my redeemer. (Ps. 19:14)

Something more to ponder today.
To God be the glory!

One thought on ““The Lord Will Provide” Do you Really Believe it?

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  1. I guess we must remember when we say that, that the provisions may not be what the person we’re saying it to expects. Sometimes only enough to suffice not a full blown answer to everything. It’s like the word “closure” or “sorry for your loss”. Do w.e ever have closure when we lose a loved one and do we want it. The other one just doesn’t say anything
    To me.

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