If You See This Kind of Post, Keep Scrolling…

We’ve all seen those Facebook posts that go something like this: “Type amen if you believe Jesus is Lord and Savior, Ignore if you want to go to hell”…okay, maybe I made that last part up, maybe not.   For those who have but a handful of brain cells left (myself included) can hopefully recognize how manipulative and dumb these posts really are.
Stop sharing these posts…really, I honestly think these posts are doing more harm than good.  It’s not a witnessing tool, it’s a guilt trip at best and perhaps worse, it’s a condemning slap in the face.

I mean is this really what Jesus was all about?
Did He go around saying, “You better click amen and believe in me or you’ll burn in hell!”  um…no I’m pretty sure He didn’t.  Instead, I believe He was more concerned with loving our neighbors and even our enemies; He was more concerned with introducing God’s kingdom to the whosoever, and He did it all without guilting people or manipulating them.
So, Perhaps the next time you see one of THOSE posts, why not skip the “share” button.  Perhaps instead just keep scrolling.  I’m pretty sure even if you “liked” the post or you shared it – that $1,000,000 isn’t really coming your way.  I just don’t think our faith in Christ works that way…do you?  I mean really?!  Maybe instead of trying to feed the “Bless Me” crowd, why not seek ways in which you can ACTUALLY help others who live in your real neighborhoods or go to your school, your work place, your church.  Who knows, perhaps if we  took our eyes away from the narcissism that seems to be prevalent in social media long enough, we might again recognize there are far more pressing needs in our communities than a “click and share” post that speaks of our blessing and our riches.

Okay, rant over.
Something more to ponder today.
Get outside, go for a prayer walk around your neighborhood, ask for the Lord to show you needs in your own community that you can help with.  As Christ’s ambassadors it’s less about us and more about Him – let’s help others seem Him through our expressions of kindness, love and grace.

4 thoughts on “If You See This Kind of Post, Keep Scrolling…

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  1. I think these posts you rant about are meant to be sarcastic, not serious. Thank you for bringing them up to everyone, once again. (Because they do make me laugh, and think how stupid they are)

      1. Nice to know people have humor & know how to use it.

        I remember Jesus saying, “you strain out the knat and swallow the camel.”

        Maybe that is why religious ppl. I know are so bound up rather than filled with JOY from the Holy Spirit.

        Keep Blessing the Lord pastor!


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